A campaign opening up shops across the UK on High Streets, in shopping centres, markets and malls, and filling them with small businesses. Enterprise Nation in partnership with Amazon, Direct Line for Business and Square, will also be running events in-store for local retailers to improve their digital skills.

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It’s a campaign to open up shops on High Streets and in shopping centres and fill them with small businesses. It’s about offering online sellers the opportunity to test trade through physical retail, at an affordable price, and within a time frame you can manage. This is also an opportunity to network with other likeminded businesses in your local area.
The campaign is being run by small business network, Enterprise Nation. Enterprise Nation supports people to start and grow their own business through online advice, live events, and national training campaigns.
The campaign is backed by Amazon, Square, and Direct Line for Business. Amazon’s involvement is to offer sellers on Amazon Marketplace an opportunity to build a strong business and brand through testing physical retail; meeting customers, getting feedback, and raising profile. Square provides Payment and Point of Sale technology in the shops. Direct Line for Business provides insurance, as a current public liability insurance policy is essential for trading in the shop.
The campaign launched in June 2019 with the first shop in Manchester. Shops have since opened in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Sheffield. We are currently looking to recruit sellers for the Sheffield shop, which opens on the 27 September.
The business should be currently selling online only, with no offline physical presence. Ideally, the brands should be selling on Amazon Marketplace.
Experiential products that can be touched, tasted, tried and tested, work the best to draw customers in to the store. Interesting and innovative products also work well to attract the crowds.
The Clicks and Mortar campaign aims to make it as easy as possible for you to trade and be seen in a high footfall location. To take advantage of the opportunity, you simply:
  1. Submit an application.
  2. Agree to a call from the Clicks and Mortar team who will ask questions about your products, brand, sales history, and expectations from being in the shop.
  3. Commit to a minimum term in the shop of 2 weeks. You do not have to be in the store for the full two weeks. However, sellers perform best when they are in the store and able to explain the product features directly to customers. Each shop is open for a total of 5-6 weeks.
  4. Be present in the shop for any opening event and visit the shop for a ‘Meet the Seller’ day where we promote the fact you are in the shop so customers can hear the business and product story from the founder. We also expect sellers to promote presence in the shop through alerting your existing customers via social media etc (more detail on that below).
  5. Agree to your in-store sales data being shared with a data company that is researching the impact of the campaign. This will be in the form of a weekly check-out survey that will report on your sales in-store and, ideally, your online sales too as experience shows that a presence in the shop has a positive impact on online traffic.
Rates vary depending on location. Leeds will be £150 ex vat per week. The only other cost is covering your products being shipped to and from the shop.
You will need to send to the shop sufficient product for a fortnight of sales. The cost of shipping product to and from the shop is borne by you, and Clicks and Mortar cannot accept any responsibility for damage whilst goods are in transit.
The shop is curated by a visual merchandiser and products are placed in ‘section areas’ homewares/food/fashion/wellness/travel & lifestyle etc. Your products will be positioned in the area of the store in which they best fit e.g. kitchen products will be displayed in the homewares section.
Each cohort of sellers is responsible for driving footfall and traffic to the store for that period. Previously, this has worked best when sellers use a combination of online advertising via social media and the business owner being in-store to engage directly with customers/followers. As previously mentioned, experiential or innovative products are also a good way to attract passers-by inside the store. You will also be promoted through your brand appearing on the Enterprise Nation website. The store will not be branded as an “Amazon” shop. Amazon will not be actively driving traffic to the stores over and above PR activity, nor will Amazon be marketing the stores to the public or Amazon customers.
This depends on the size of the shop but it’s usually between 8-10 businesses at one time.
Yes, we have seen from experience that if you ‘cluster’ products eg food and drink, customers are more likely to buy as they can choose from a selection. Therefore there are likely to be multiple brands in the shop selling in the same category but they are not likely to be identical products.
Each seller is set up with a Square payment device to be able to accept card payments. When sellers are not in the shop, the store manager will make sales and take payment.
We highly recommend that you are available in-store to engage with your customers directly. This way you can gain the benefits of meeting customers face to face and getting valuable feedback about your products. However, if you cannot be available in-store at all times, your products will be represented and sold by a dedicated store manager and/or you can agree with your fellow sellers that they can cover your sales area.
You will need public liability insurance and product liability insurance. You are free to choose an insurance provider of your choice, however you may want to consider our campaign partner Direct Line for Business.
Each shop is promoted by Enterprise Nation via digital marketing and local PR. We also attract in traffic through partnerships with local organisations including the council and Business Improvement District. Business support events are hosted in the shop including 'Meet the Accountant' sessions and business training. This attracts footfall and makes support accessible to high street retailers and other local small businesses. The store will not be branded as an “Amazon” shop. Amazon will not be actively driving traffic to the stores, nor will they be marketing the stores to the public or Amazon customers.
The brands that make the most sales are those who promote their presence in the shop; in the lead-up to moving in and during their trading term. You can do this via social media and/or newsletter campaigns.
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