School of Sales: Making the most of customer sales meetings

Jonathan Ratcliff
Jonathan RatcliffJMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd.

Posted: Mon 29th Nov 2021

In this School of Sales workshop, Jonathan Ratcliff discusses how to make the most of your customer sales meetings.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • When (and how) to make presentations

  • Strategic vs transactional relationships

  • Getting to the close

  • How to ask for referrals

  • How to follow up after a meeting

Jonathan Ratcliff
Jonathan RatcliffJMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd.
I may be pale and Male but I'm certainly not stale! New ideas and ways of doing things are the way in which I have kept relevant to my clients and their customers since I started 17 years ago. My Management Consultancy Business has been going since I left Carlsberg as the Sales Development Director. I offer two key services: 1) Mentoring service by the hour for people who need help with Sales Development. 2) Consultancy Services by the Day for larger organisations with Field Based Sales people. For them, I do what no one else is doing, which is to go out on Accompaniment with them. This helps me to see them in action and deliver the help and support to get the right results where it matters most - in front of their customers. I love helping people see Sales as a positive activity and I tend to try and make it as easy and fun as possible. What helps me to be successful is my genuine interest in people and what makes them tick as well as improving Businesses and how they can generate more sales. For more information, please check out my website: www.jmrsales.co.uk or my LinkedIn profile for Customer testimonials.

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