5 Secrets for Building Customer Loyalty

5 Secrets for Building Customer Loyalty
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Posted: Tue 30th Dec 2014

In this always-on and constantly connected world, understanding how to retain customers and turn them into happy spokespeople for your business is important. Verisign offer the secrets to building customer loyalty.

1. Give visitors what they want

Customer loyalty starts with knowing who your customers are and what they want. Analysing online behaviour with tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and Clicky is one way of staying informed about what's important to them and, with knowledge in hand, the ability to create products and services to suit customer needs. Give visitors quality over quantity.

2. Make it easy

Verisign recommend investing in user-centric design and usability testing for your website to create a seamless user experience. Have a think about:

  • The clarity of content; are you getting points, expertise and sales messages across clearly

  • The quality of online imagery so good words are complemented by attractive photography

  • Having clear Call to Actions so customers know what to do next

3. Be available

Responding quickly, accurately and respectfully to customer enquiries and feedback is crucial. Even if the answer is not what they want to hear, customers will have a positive impression of your business if they feel they're being heard. Having a presence on the social media channels on which customers are present also acts as a powerful form of customer service.

4. Think about rewards

A customer loyalty scheme can be a great way of binding customers to your brand. Discounts, previews of products, preferential service terms and free items are all ways to reward customers. The key is to understand what your customers value and make them feel special and exclusive.

5. Start at the core

Happiness is infectious. Motivated and engaged employees don't necessarily guarantee customer loyalty, but their efforts will show in your end product. Happy people make for happy customers!

This checklist was brought to you by the .COM experts Verisign.  Find out more at

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