Small businesses call for clarity and certainty: A letter in support of the Brexit withdrawal agreement

Small businesses call for clarity and certainty: A letter in support of the Brexit withdrawal agreement

Posted: Wed 21st Nov 2018

Today we're publishing a letter signed by m_ore than 60 Enterprise Nation members, business owners and investors in support of the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement_._ You can read the letter below._ If you'd like to sign it, please fill in the form and we'll add your name to the list.

All of a sudden, politics is in danger of getting in the way of business.

Britain has historically been a powerhouse of the world economy and we don't want to risk this status. People's livelihoods and their businesses are at risk.

We feel it's time for small businesses to have their say and get their voices heard.

Politics aside, we need a deal and we need it now.

A 'no deal' would be a disaster for small companies.

We have not had the luxury of spending millions on Brexit advice, scenario planning, or establishing a new EU base in mainland Europe, away from the UK and the UK workforce.

We represent 99.3% of the UK's business base and contribute a collective £1,428.4bn to the British economy.

To run our businesses, we need clarity and support over posturing and uncertainty.

Enterprise Nation has looked at the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement and feels it offers the most viable option on the table in the form of a customs union, ease of IP protection, and stability for EU workers.

It's not perfect, and we have heard many criticisms raised over the agreement, but what we have not heard is any viable alternative.

As entrepreneurs, we know there have to be compromises in any deal and this is one we feel we should accept. Doing so will allow us to focus on the business of keeping the wheels of the economy turning.

Please sign the letter by filling in the form below.

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Signed by:

  1. Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation

  2. Gabrielle Lixton, Turtle Tots

  3. Richard Dennys, Webgains

  4. Cecily Mills, Coconuts Naturally

  5. Rebecca Linnell, The Country Dog Hotel

  6. Matt Turner, Creative Pod

  7. Ross Jones, Brand Farm Films

  8. Jen Taylor, Hokolo

  9. Lara Morgan, entrepreneur and investor

  10. Peter Lawrence, HR Department

  11. Diane Douglas, Vigiles Group

  12. Rob Nunn, Park West Holdings

  13. Simon Cox, Red Octagon

  14. Alice Stephenson, Stephenson Law

  15. Ruth Bradford, The Little Black & White Book Project

  16. Ben Towers, Ben Towers

  17. John Stapleton, entrepreneur, angel investor and speaker

  18. Alison Edgar, Sales Coaching Solutions

  19. Dave White, White Bruce

  20. Crispin Slee, Stick of Rock

  21. Porteur Keene, Art of Talent

  22. Jo Sealy, To Market

  23. Stuart Gates, Seasoned Grocer

  24. William Johnson, Torro Cases

  25. Robert Gould, Qiviut & Co

  26. Debbie Assinder, Rodborough Consulting

  27. Tim Gentles, Drillboard

  28. Alison Lewy, Fashion Angel

  29. Carl Lovell, Stow London

  30. Corinne Laurie, The Camouflage Company

  31. Dan Saxby, The Elephant Room

  32. Dan Cresta, Little Ideas Company

  33. Charlotte Moore, Smoothie PR

  34. Matthew Baker, Matthew Baker PR

  35. Meenesh Mistry, Wholy Moly

  36. Gus Tugendhat, Tussell

  37. Hannah Mcintyre, Futrli

  38. Sal Essa, No Gunk

  39. Karen Green, Food Mentor

  40. Frankie Fox, Foraging Fox

  41. Elizabeth Jones, Real Good Ketchup

  42. Louise Brogan, Social Bee NI

  43. Dawn Crossingham, D52

  44. Tendai Chagweda, Quest 4 Success

  45. Kathy Ennis, Little Piggy

  46. Jane Field, Jonny's Sister

  47. Brian Watt, Sir Hans Sloane

  48. Alison Edward, Simply Balanced Solutions

  49. Elizabeth McKenna, Lizzie's Bundles

  50. Rebecca Yates, Rebecca Yates

  51. Jay Richards, Div Inc

  52. Alex Hannon, Mangajo

  53. Matthew Reed, Equipsme

  54. Jamie McCloskey, LoveCorn

  55. Krisi Smith, Bird and Blend Tea

  56. Jon Green, Approved Accounting

  57. Janan Leo, Cocorose London

  58. Jimmy Cregan, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

  59. Jay Richards, Divinc

  60. Aaron Henriques, Handlr

  61. Mark Neild, Agileering

  62. Charlie Thullier, Oppo Ice Cream

  63. Chris Thomas, Digital Cake

  64. Leanne Crowther, Flower & White

  65. Rashik Vekaria, Litchfields

  66. Kuldip Sahota, Mr Singh's Sauce

  67. Krishma Vaghela, Franchise Futures

  68. Paul Durrant, PDT Sales

  69. Jennifer Corcoran, My Super Connector

  70. Jo Macfarlane, Jo Macfarlane

  71. Milenne Tanganelli, Digital Pop-Ups Augmented Reality Experiences

  72. Keith Buckland, Red Office Banbury

  73. Ritchie Head, Ceratium

  74. John Worrall, Accountancy for All

  75. Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry

  76. James Taylor, Roaring Mouse PR

  77. Matthew Gambold, Chaddesley Sanford

  78. Nidhi Mehrotra, Belvoir Sutton

  79. Emma Wood, The BIG Wow

  80. Caroline Syson, Pocket PA

  81. Ksenia Tkacheva, Superfood Bakery

  82. Joann Madill, Joann Madill Admin Services

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