New service links freelancers and businesses with spare desk space

New service links freelancers and businesses with spare desk space
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Posted: Mon 6th Aug 2012

Desk space: a mobile worker's desk

A new desk and meeting room rental service launching this month will enable businesses with a spare desk to rent it to freelancers - and freelancers to find desk space without the hassle of long-term commitments and contracts.

Businesses and freelance workers will be able to find each other using's new local match up service. The service benefits businesses by helping them make an additional income from unused space; and helps out freelancers, consultants, home-based workers and other nomadic professionals by giving them a dedicated working space without the overheads and commitments that a regular office rental contract brings.

Spaces to hold meetings is simultaneously launching a Meeting Place service that enables venues to publicise themselves as a friendly meeting space for people to talk business, with the benefit to them of increased footfall and custom. This service is also open to businesses with formal meeting space they can hire to business people who need a dedicated meeting room. Until now, has solely offered a platform for people to rent out spare rooms in their home to professionals who work away from home between Monday and Friday. "But these two new services grow naturally out of our core business - providing professional people with living space during the working week," said the company's founder, Judy Niner. "This is about making working life as flexible and convenient as possible, and sharing available resources amongst the thriving small business and freelance sectors." According to Niner, new figures show that the number of freelance workers in the UK has risen by 12 per cent since 2008 to 1.6 million. Along with an increase in homeworking and greater demand for flexible working, this rise of what has been dubbed 'cappuccino commerce' has created a growing market for co-working space. Boththe Desk Space and Meeting Place services are free to users. Office owners can advertise desk space for £79.99 for a three-month listing or £99.99 for a six-month listing.  Venues can advertise their facility as a meeting place for £99.95 a year. You'll be able to find out more at

More for co-workers and nomadic workers on Enterprise Nation

There's a bit of an explosion in co-working and nomadic working and in provision for the expanding number of freelancers, home-based and nomadic workers in the UK. We're very keen to flag up low-cost/free, flexible workspaces and co-working groups, so please let us know about any in the comments section below. Meanwhile, take a look at these articles:

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