Lunch and Learn: The psychology of success

Mike Ferguson
Mike FergusonDeveloping Professionals International

Posted: Thu 14th Jan 2021

In this Lunch and Learn, business psychologist Mike Ferguson explains why successful people have certain styles and patterns of thinking which anyone can learn to emulate. It's more about how we need to think than what we need to think.

Mike has spent almost 30 years studying 'successful' people and the thinking through which they achieved it.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • What is 'success', and how does it relate to happiness?

  • Does it matter if we achieve it?

  • What are the two essential requirements for success to materialise?

  • What practical steps do we need to take to get what we want or to where we want to be?

  • What role does 'luck' play?

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Mike Ferguson
Mike FergusonDeveloping Professionals International
"Prof Mike" is widely known as the Success Speaker - although he originally qualified as a Chartered Engineer, working in electronics and telecoms. His relatively early transition into management convinced him that the success of organisations depends above all on our ability to get the very best from ourselves and our people - and that the level of possible performance is generally way more than we - or they - typically realise. In March 2019, Mike was presented with the Risen Star award for his work with Vistage, the world’s largest Executive Coaching organisation.   "Most of us walk around the planet thinking that we're pretty ordinary - but we all have the potential to be GIANTS!" For the last 30 years Mike has worked as a psychologist, teacher, trainer and coach, sharing his time between academia and supporting real-world challenges in business, government, the NHS and the voluntary sector. With a background in engineering, all of his work has a sense of practical purpose and tangible outcomes, a desire to help people to make a difference and get things done. Some of his most significant projects include the development and implementation of the performance appraisal systems for GMC-registered medical doctors across the UK, and the selection process for the London 2012 Olympics Gamesmakers. He regularly co-presents The Confident Leader programmes for the NHS. Mike likes to make work fun and is a keen presenter, having trained with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He is regularly described as an inspiring speaker and speaks around the world, notably for the elite Academy for Chief Executives. He holds a Masters degree in Management, is a graduate of the Pacific Institute in Seattle and is a Master Practitioner and Coach in Neuro-linguistic Programming. He is also a Registered Hypnotherapist. In addition to his commercial work, Mike held senior posts at leading UK University Business School for many years, and continues to supervise research and deliver work as a Visiting Professor at Business Schools both in the UK and overseas.

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