Small business owners: Wear the hat that suits you best

Small business owners: Wear the hat that suits you best
Beth Jordan

Posted: Tue 4th May 2021

A familiar story, over a glass of wine or coffee, an Indian meal, a Chinese meal, a thought like a light bulb pops up brightly. Then there's a zing, an idea, the excitement builds, the possibilities of starting a business bubbles to the surface, your ideas become clearer, you can see what you have to do, what your product will be, how it will look, who it will appeal to.

You have an initial concept, a new product, it's fabulous and then your pal, that BIG inner voice starts to ask you the HOW, the WHY, the WHAT, the WHERE, the WHEN. You put one foot forward and suddenly the road ahead looks far away; you see your shining idea beckoning at the end of the road.

How are you going to turn your idea into a business but more importantly, how many hats will you have to wear?

Who will you have to be to walk down that long and exciting road to grab your prize?

I started my business with all the rush of the above, and wore so many hats that at times I couldn't see the sun.  I thought I could do it all, every aspect of it.

With no previous business experience, and armed with just a great idea, enthusiasm, and optimism, I did succeed.

A few years down the line I found I needed more expertise in marketing, advertising, finance, logistics, planning and product development. The list was endless, and I realised I had to stop and pull back, review my strengths and take off some of my hats and offer them to others, allowing them to wear those hats and help me grow a more successful business.

It's hard to let go of your baby, but it's called tough love

Recognising your strengths is paramount to running a successful business and finding the right people with the skills around you who will share your vision and dreams will make or break you as a business owner.

I know that many of you reading this will have heard this before - as I did, too.  There came a point when a strong wind blew off all my hats and left me with the one which I knew was my best fit: my ability to recognise my strengths and delegate.

It takes courage to let go and delegate but that is where one's strength as a small business owner lies. Often money comes into the decision-making part of it; starting out in business requires money and staff is often one of the most expensive parts of cash flow,  but as J Paul Getty said: "I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort." Another way of looking at it is that it's better to have 10 people  make £10 each  than one person who makes  £100.

Thinking and planning ahead

So, no matter if you are thinking of starting a business, have already started or are well down the road, thinking and planning ahead is part of the setup. Who do you have around you - family, friends, specialists similar to you - who can share all those wonderful hats - styles and fits - and help you succeed?

Most importantly, enjoy the hat that suits you the best and stride out with style, with all your other hatted friends, family and colleagues beside you.

Beth Jordan
An enterprising business woman recognised for building high-level strategies that drive the exponential growth of business from the ground up. By combining over 30 years’ experience with a knowledge of the fashion industry, sourcing, product development and people, I support both start-ups and large retail organisation by being flexible, market turnaround and innovation. 🗸 In 1982, I founded and launched my first company, Lace Lady Ltd, in the area of Home Furnishings, specialising in white cotton, handmade lace bed and table linen. I redesigned many of these products into high end fashion garments and bed linen, a first of its kind in the market, and developed the start-up into a £1.5m company within the first five years. By leveraging my extensive insight into global markets, I have fostered strategic partnerships with both Chinese corporates and major UK retailers to deliver significant operational expansion. I have also developed a wholesale and consultancy service, which offers design, sourcing, pricing and importing assistance. 🗸 Since then, I have built the Beth Jordan brand, with an emphasis on elegant styling and endurance to drive longevity in an everchanging industry landscape. The Beth Jordan brand has been instrumental in the response to Covid-19, having aided local shelters, hospices and the NHS with essentials PPE. 🗸 At the heart of everything I do, is a strong belief in responsible sourcing, manufacturing, fair trade practice, innovation and design. As a flexible and focused leader, I have navigated challenging economic climates, market trends and trading situations successfully and steered my business through making key strategic changes to ensure operational functionality and regrowth, always looking towards a bright future. 🗸 I am currently seeking to utilise my experience by advising and coaching start-ups or small businesses in need of strategic guidance or sourcing expertise. If you are interested in hearing more about how I can support you or your business, feel free to contact me for an initial conversation. I am further able to help with design and sourcing out of India and China for the fashion and home market and can assist Companies in finding manufacturers for these products 🗸 Would love to hear from retailers, small start up businesses and individual or Companies looking to improve, diversify or looking for a change of direction. ☎️ Call on +44 (0) 1273 737911 or +44 (0) 7951 764814

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