Lunch and Learn: 'The Oxygen Mask Mentality'

Posted: Thu 13th Aug 2020

'The Oxygen Mask Mentality'

Paul Green is a commercial airline pilot who was made redundant when the airline he worked for went into administration. Paul realised that the skills he had learnt over the past decade would be invaluable to industries outside of aviation and so he set up The Cockpit Method. In the cockpit, rushed or ill- thought-out decisions can have dire consequences, which is why pilots receive such rigorous training. Paul takes these learnings and applies them to business.

In this webinar, Paul explains 'The Oxygen Mask Mentality'. "We have all been in a position where we are told to take time away from our work, have a day without our phones or turn our laptops off an hour early every night - but with all good intentions how many of us actually do these things?"

The Oxygen Mask Mentality is a quick win to give us the boost we need when we are reaching saturation by understanding stress and fatigue.

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