Five wellbeing advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today

Five wellbeing advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today

Posted: Tue 10th Oct 2023

Enterprise Nation boasts a superb selection of expert advisers covering every aspect of business.

Drawing your attention this week to the wellbeing space, here are five advisers in particular who do a brilliant job of supporting business owners in this area.

Whether it’s through services, content or brilliant one-to-one discovery calls, these five advisers have what you need to thrive when it comes to wellbeing.

Let’s get started!

1. Tammy Whalen Blake

As an award-winning personal development coach, Tammy is the perfect adviser to guide professionals to a purposeful and fulfilling business life.

Having left the corporate world in order to build her own successful business, Tammy knows first-hand what early-stage entrepreneurs are up against. And she has the answers!

Connect with Tammy today

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2. Philip Dyer

With over 30 years of experience, Philip’s primary focus has always been on people.

Whether it’s identifying barriers to personal growth or implementing changes in order to impact organisational aspirations positively, Philip’s vast bank of knowledge is invaluable for small business owners. He is also the Local Leader for Lancashire.

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3. Beth Nevins

Beth is another adviser who puts people at the heart of what she does.

With her services including coaching, mentoring teams, devising career frameworks and performance and reward evaluation, Beth has what it takes to push your skills and mindset to the next level.

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4. Jasper Meehan

Life coach Jasper specialises in helping people in business become more effective in their communication while maximising their use of effort and time.

Are you looking to change your habits and attitudes to ensure your approaches are always helpful and rewarding? Jasper might just be the adviser for you.

Connect with Jasper today

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5. Dr Gracie McLaven

A clinical psychologist and the brains behind Brain Body Wealth, Dr Gracie uses her expertise to support business leaders to prioritise their own wellbeing as well as nurture their teams in order to elevate business outcomes and create a compassionate and thriving workplace.

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