Five wellbeing advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today

Five wellbeing advisers to connect with on Enterprise Nation today

Posted: Mon 15th Apr 2024

Enterprise Nation boasts a superb selection of expert advisers covering every aspect of business.

Drawing your attention this week to the wellbeing space, here are five advisers in particular who do a brilliant job of supporting business owners in this area.

Whether it’s through services, content or brilliant one-to-one discovery calls, these five advisers have what you need to thrive when it comes to wellbeing.

Let’s get started!

1. Beth Nevins

Beth puts people at the heart of what she does.

With her services including coaching, mentoring teams, devising career frameworks and performance and reward evaluation, Beth has what it takes to push your skills and mindset to the next level.

Connect with Beth today

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2. Dr Gracie McLaven

A clinical psychologist and the brains behind Brain Body Wealth, Dr Gracie uses her expertise to support business leaders to prioritise their wellbeing, as well as nurture their teams to elevate business outcomes and create a compassionate and thriving workplace.

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Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the impact of poor mental health in the workplace:

3. Magda Parker

An organisational psychologist, Magda specialises in workplace investigations, civil and commercial mediation, work and employment mediation and more. She offers tailored strategies that are designed to address unique needs and foster a positive transformation.

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4. John Quinn

A founding partner of Eternal Balance LLP and Eternal Balance Community Services CIC, John's key focus is in the health and social care sector and mental health and wellbeing of workplaces and communities.

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5. Adrian Ashton

Adrian is an award-winning enterprise adviser, working with organisations of all types, across multiple sectors. His research into impostor syndrome and subsequently self-publishing a book based on it that’s become a global best-seller came about by accident.

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Watch this webinar to discover how harnessing feelings of ‘impostorism’ can act as a superpower in your business:

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