3 reasons why freelancing is frantic, fun and fulfilling

3 reasons why freelancing is frantic, fun and fulfilling
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Posted: Tue 14th Jan 2014

I always want to roll my eyes when people look concerned when I tell them I'm self-employed.

They completely overlook the great satisfaction that millions of people in the UK get from freelancing. That should be more widely recognised - and others shouldn't be afraid to try it out! Here are some of my favourite reasons to love freelancing.

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1. Work when you want, where you want

What a dream to not have to work at the same old desk every day! Flexibility is a key reasons why millions of people in the UK go freelance. You might end up working 7 to 7, rather than 9 to 5, but you'll work on stuff that matters to you - and not waste time on long commutes or in tedious board meetings.

Freelancing is for people who want to take control of their working patterns, and enjoy the freedom to decide when, for example, to work in the peace and quiet of the home or the buzzing atmosphere of coffee shops or co-working spaces alongside other freelancers and potential new clients.

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2. No limits to the learning

You may not get paid to go on fancy courses, but if you're running a fast-paced freelance business, you have the benefit of continuously being exposed to a mixed bag of organisations and individuals to learn from. All of your clients will give you access to different working attitudes and methods that will fine-tune your interpersonal and project management skills.

Freelancing is also a helpful stepping stone for the time when you may wish to set up a fully-fledged business. Not only will you learn to become an expert in your field, but you'll also acquire other business talents, such as learning to do your own accounts, digital marketing, making noise of your venture - and more!

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3. Never get those Sunday blues

No one can say that being a freelancer is always sunshine and rainbows, but getting up on a Monday morning can usually be pretty exciting as you're working for YOU and not a CEO you've never met before.

It's not unusual for freelancers to find themselves working on weekends, but when you love your work, does it ever really feel like work?

We'd love to hear why you love freelancing! Let us know in the comments below

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