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Your Member Masterclass host for this week: A supply chain management expert

Your Member Masterclass host for this week: A supply chain management expert
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Posted: Mon 9th May 2016

Every Tuesday at 12.30pm Enterprise Nation StartUp and Small Business Classic members can watch an online business masterclass delivered by one of our Adviser Classic members.

This week Ian Walker explores how to tackle supply chain management. To register for the Masterclass at 12.30pm on 10 May log into your account and go to this page.

If you're not yet a Classic member, Masterclasses are just one of many benefits. Join now!

Company name: 3P Logistics

Twitter: @3P_LOGISTICS

Year company founded: 2006

What is your favourite business book and why?

Good to Great by Jim Collins. After a five-year research project, Collins concludes that good to great can and does happen. In th book, he uncovers the underlying variables that enable any type of organisation to make the leap from good to great while other organizations remain only good. Rigorously supported by evidence, his findings are surprising, at times even shocking, to the modern mind.

Who is your business hero?

Jack Ma from Alibaba.

Describe your business in a tweet.

A happy hardworking logistics team that takes care of your physical logistics operations so you can focus on your core business.

What has been your biggest challenge?

People.  Without great people you wont retain great customers and therefore won`t have a great business.

Employee turnover can be damaging whilst to attract and retain the best you simply must put people at the very heart of your business decision making as everything else is secondary.

What has been your greatest success?

Creating a logistics company from scratch with limited resource whilst taking our people on a journey.

What piece of advice do you wish you had known when starting out?

The funding opportunities for start up enterprises. If I would have known at the time I may have taken a commercial mortgage and acquired premises as opposed to long term lease and consuming approx £2 million of dead money in the bargain.

Why do you consider long-term strategic advice important to business success?

Every business has a journey and a story to tell. There will be many twists and turns along the way and there are times when the long term objectives will help to prevent the journey being blown off course by short term challenges.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

To read peoples mind's so I could truly gauge any concerns and reservations our people and customers may have and allow us to address them.

Ian's Member Masterclass, How to tackle supply chain management, is at 12.30pm on 10 May. To register for the Masterclass log into your account and go to this page.

Masterclasses are just one of many benefits of Enterprise Nation Classic membership. Join now!

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