Warm up for a cold call

Warm up for a cold call
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Posted: Thu 8th Sep 2011

Jackie Wade is managing director of Winning Sales and author of 'Successful Selling for small business' and here Jackie offers tips on how to make winning calls to customers.


Preparation and focus is key. Avoid time wasting by starting with a clear call list and objectives. Which business or household and who specifically (decision maker) will you call? Are you clear on your message? What benefits do you offer?


Feel confident, think positive. What's the worst thing that can happen? They may say no"¦ so what! Not everyone out there will want you, but someone will! Tone is as important as words, so feel and sound confident and positive.


Be natural, be you. Have a good opening 'hook' to grab people's attention - something interesting, new or different and make it relevant to the person you're calling. Avoid rambling - focus on a two-way conversation, not a fixed script. Develop a list of open questions which will allow you to engage with the person at the other end of the line, e.g. what do you currently do, how does it work, what might you like to improve? Listen for opportunities. Engage!


Agree action and follow up promptly or agree a call back, if there's no interest for now. A NO today may be a YES tomorrow; tenacity counts and things change. When making the call, stand up and smile. To the person on the other end, you will come across as positive and confident about your product or service. Smile and dial and you'll be on a hotline to customers!

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