School of Sales: Get sales fit for 2022

Martin Knowles
Martin Knowles
Sales: Untangled

Posted: Thu 2nd Dec 2021

Watch back: School of Sales: Git sales fit for 2022

Watch back this recorded School of Sales webinar, hosted by Martin Knowles who deep dives into how you can best increase your sales for the new year.

Get sales fit for 2022 with the crucial things you need to make sales growth simple:

- Make sense of an inflationary market and broken supply chains

- Prioritise customers to build a winning sales plan

- Attract the talent you need and create a buzzing sales culture

- Become more productive by applying proven sales tools and techniques

- And have a bit of seasonal fun

Martin Knowles
Martin Knowles
Sales: Untangled
We provide consulting, advisory and interim management for small businesses. We're obsessive about customer focus, offering services in business and commercial strategy, sales and marketing.

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