This week's online masterclass host can help you use competitor shopping to boost your retail business

This week's online masterclass host can help you use competitor shopping to boost your retail business
Joanne Griffin
Joanne GriffinProduct Development & DesignArnold & Bird

Posted: Tue 2nd Apr 2019

Every Tuesday at 12.30pm you can watch an online business masterclass delivered by one of our adviser members.

This week, Joanne Griffin hosts: How to go competitor shopping for your retail business

Live masterclasses are available for free for Enterprise Nation members or £10 for non-members. Register for this week here.

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Describe your business in a tweet.

I work with creative businesses and help them by providing product development ideas to develop their range or with bespoke graphic design

What is your favourite business book?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Not your traditional business book but I love how Elizabeth breaks down creativity and how ideas circulate the world looking for someone to bring them to life.

I keep this book on the go continuously as it's so easy to pick up, read a few pages and be inspired about how creativity and our mindset works today.

Who is your business hero?

Jen Sincero. I think her approach to business and not standing in your own way is refreshing. She blends together business talk, self-help and a bit of magic and I personally love the blend of these things in life and business.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Identifying I needed to shift in my business from my original intention of B2C to more B2B. Hiring a marketing coach meant I was guided through this process and what seemed confusing was made so much easier. I found what my purpose in business was, whereas before I lacked that.

What has been your greatest success?

Working with other creatives one-to-one. I love developing a relationship with other businesses, be that in a workshop or creating bespoke work for them. It brings me joy and I also provide a great outcome for them too.

What piece of advice do you wish you had known when starting out?

That everything will take more time than you think and getting or paying for help is invaluable.

Why do you consider long-term strategic advice important to business success?

Building a community of peers, advisers and coaches is really important when running your own business. Someone to talk to is invaluable on what can be a lonely road sometimes, especially if family and friends are not in the same industry or self-employed.

Having people who get it and can help is not something to be overlooked when running your own business.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

I would love superhuman strength. I'm petite so I think it would shock people and I'd love to be able to move anything with ease. Until this happens I'll just keep working on it at the gym!

Register for Joanne's masterclass, how to go competitor shopping for your retail business, here.

If you're an adviser member and you'd like to host a masterclass, log in to your member dashboard and go to the 'propose content' section to apply.

Joanne Griffin
Joanne GriffinProduct Development & DesignArnold & Bird
I’m Joanne Griffin, the retail product specialist and designer behind Arnold & Bird.   Wondering what a retail product specialist and designer does? Here’s the lowdown…   I spend my time working collaboratively with homeware and gift brands to bring their creative ideas to life with a commercial edge.   Combining over 13 years of industry knowledge and design skills, I offer bespoke services that cover the full retail spectrum. From range planning and sales analysis to product design and branding, I work from a creative and commercial point of view to help develop brands and ranges that not only look the part but, that are intentionally planned to sell and grow your business too.   I’ll work to breathe new life and inspiration into your retail business and help you to translate and make possible your plans. With an intuitive and inspiring approach, together we’ll define your business needs and move you from creative overwhelm to commercial action.   Every retail business is different and so my services are entirely bespoke and collaborative to create a meaningful experience that works for you and your business goals.

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