StartUp UK [FREE GUIDE]: How to start a business on Pinterest

StartUp UK [FREE GUIDE]: How to start a business on Pinterest
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Posted: Fri 29th Jul 2022

Pinterest allows users to share ideas through pins, which contain images and text. Users create themed boards to save these pins. For example, a wedding venue may share ideas about DIY decorations or an event theme that a couple can save to their wedding planning board.

Arguably, the platform is misunderstood in the UK, with business owners not fully appreciating the opportunities Pinterest can provide. It particularly works well as a secondary platform alongside something like Instagram.

Keen to give it a go? Our new free guide, How to start a business on Pinterest, covers all you need to know about the platform and how it can benefit your business.

To give you more encouragement, Georgina White, founder of Pineapple White Media, shares her best advice on how a small business can use Pinterest to promote itself. Read on...

What business opportunities does Pinterest provide?

Pinterest users are looking for ideas and inspiration. People search the site for an answer to a specific question, so it works more like Google than other social media platforms, which are based around a feed and the action of following people.

The platform is very visual and allows users to find out more about things they love, want to plan, aspire to and create. It really could be anything from a midweek, gluten-free recipe to an idea for a potting table.

If your post resonates with the user, they can click on a link to visit your website. This can generate a huge amount of web traffic and gives your content a much longer life. The average lifespan for an Instagram post is 24 hours, a tweet's is eight minutes and a Facebook post lasts a few hours. A Pinterest Pin, on the other hand, has an infinite lifespan.

Most searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which makes it a good target for small businesses. People want to know about a particular topic, so they'll search for "handbag" rather than include a well-known brand like "Louis Vuitton".

How do I create a great Pin on Pinterest?

Here's what you need to include to make your Pins stand out:

  • Keywords: Posts need a really informative description and title.

  • Pin image: Images need to have a 2:3 aspect ratio. People are used to having text on top of a picture. Give a teaser, but don't include all the information. Online tools like Canva can help with the layout.

  • Branding: You can include a logo and website address on the image.

  • Website address: Every Pin has a URL, so make sure you're pointing traffic to something that's relevant and permanent.

Hashtags tend to be quite broad compared to Instagram where it's much more focused. For example, you're more likely to use #dog on Pinterest rather than #cutedog or a reference to a particular breed.


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What type of business does well on Pinterest?

Online businesses thrive on Pinterest, whether they're selling a product or a service. Hair and beauty is often one of the top trending business categories on the platform, while food and drink and health spa and fitness are popular too. You can look up what's trending on Pinterest Trends.

Physical bricks-and-mortar shops don't do as well because it's much easier for someone to walk past a salon or find a local shop on Google.

What are the average conversion rates?

The conversion rate for users clicking through to your site and buying something varies a lot between different businesses. With this in mind, you should look at both Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics, which include information about how your Pins are performing and the demographics of your audience.

Can I recycle content I've used on other social media accounts?

In some cases, yes. Instagram content won't work perfectly for Pinterest, but there's nothing to stop you rejigging your Instagram post using a tool like Canva to republish it on Pinterest.

But be wary of sharing too much content from other accounts. Stick to the 80:20 rule: that's 80% your content and 20% other people's. Share posts that don't detract from people going to your website.

Can I limit a Pin to a geographical location?

Pins are available to everyone but you can add more detail about geographic locations in your description, helping relevant customers find your business. For example, a wedding venue based in Gloucester could include the keywords "Gloucestershire" and "Cotswolds".

Download the guide: How to start a business on Pinterest

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