Start 2016 packed with meetings: Five cold calling mistakes to avoid

Start 2016 packed with meetings: Five cold calling mistakes to avoid
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Posted: Thu 3rd Dec 2015

If you want to begin your 2016 with a bang and have a January filled with prospective client meetings, then December is the best time of year to get on the phone. While others are winding down, if you ramp up your calls you will stand out.

But don't sound like one of those dodgy insurance cold callers, so here are five cold calling mistakes to avoid shared by Anis Qizilbash, Enterprise Nation pro member and founder of Mindful Sales Training.

1. Lack enthusiasm

I understand the idea of cold calling feels like pulling teeth. Our emotions are contagious, scientists have proven this, it's called emotional contagion. If you lack enthusiasm, how will your prospects ever get enthusiastic about you? Get yourself in a positive state by standing up and use a hands free kit so your hands are free to move around as motion creates emotion. And smile!

2. Disrespectful of their time

Don't you hate it when someone calls you when you're right in the middle of something or you're on a deadline and they carry on talking? So you don't make that mistake, listen to their tone. You can often tell if someone is flustered or rushed. If they are, simply ask 'when would be a better time for you?'. In that moment, because you've given them respect and understanding, they will likely give you another day or time.

3. Not getting personal

Folks can't wait to get through or past gate-keepers to reach the person they're trying to meet. Every person you speak to is of equal importance, so treat them with equal respect. Gate-keepers get many calls a day, so be nice, ask their name, and address them with their name. People like the sound of their name, but don't over do it, otherwise it begins to sound creepy. Be sparing like you would with an old friend.

4. Over reliance on email

Sending cold emails are a brilliant way to turn cold calls into lukewarm calls. Believe me, I know. I was cold calling since before email. But just sending out emails and hoping that does the trick, you're leaving many opportunities behind. How many times have you opened email, thinking you'll get back it it, but it sinks below the water line and it's lost forever! Always follow up cold emails with calls to give your prospects the opportunity to meet you.

5. Getting dragged into pitch too soon

I've noticed entrepreneurs are more susceptible to fall into the trap of pitching too soon, because you are the creator of your product or service offering. You're proud, and so you should be. But telling isn't selling. First you need to establish what is of value before talking about you and your products, otherwise you will face objections and fob offs. Get to know the other person and their business before talking about you.

Anis Qizilbash is a pro member of Enterprise Nation. You can find information about pro membership and the benefits it can bring your advisory business here.

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