New LinkedIn profile features coming soon

New LinkedIn profile features coming soon
Jennifer Corcoran
Jennifer CorcoranMy Super Connector

Posted: Wed 21st Apr 2021

There are so many exciting new features being rolled out to LinkedIn profiles in April.

Have you got any of them yet?

LinkedIn Live Broadcaster

If you use Live broadcast, your profile background will show your Live broadcast when you start streaming.

Gender pronouns

An optional field at the top of the profile (next to your name) allows you to add your gender pronouns.

Cover story

You can add a video to your cover banner to introduce yourself. If you use this option, an orange ring will appear around your profile photo and your video will auto-play within your photo frame. LinkedIn is calling it the 'Harry Potter effect'.

Creator mode

If you create lots of content you can turn on creator mode which will prominently display your content and encourage others to follow you (rather than connect). You can add five hashtags to indicate what topics you post about the most. It will move your 'Featured' and 'Activity' sections to the top of your profile.

Stay-at-home parent

Stay-at-home mom, stay-at-home dad or homemaker are now approved as recognised job descriptions to support work gap explanations.

Services pages

These are like a mini business page inside your LinkedIn profile and are designed especially for freelancers.

I'm excited by all the new beta rollouts. Which one can you not wait for?

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Jennifer Corcoran
Jennifer CorcoranMy Super Connector
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