Make an impression with a virtual office

Make an impression with a virtual office
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Posted: Thu 8th Mar 2012

There's nothing wrong with letting your customers and clients know you work at home. It's what gets them great savings, after all. But sometimes - when the dog barks or the kids pick up the phone, or even when your stationery carries your home address - that might not make the best impression.

A virtual office can give you a big business image without the big price tag. Here are some reasons why we think you could benefit from a virtual office.


You might not want your customers or your suppliers to know exactly where you live. A virtual office can give you an alternative address.


Want to start picking up contracts in new areas? Set up for a fraction of the cost of actually moving with a virtual office address. Pick from over 1,200 locations all over the world.


A virtual office is one way to grow your business without outgrowing your home and having to pay for commercial premises.


With call answering, screening and forwarding, there's someone to pick up the phone for you even when you're on the school run or just taking a break. They'll answer with your company name, so your customers always get a response.


Want to see how your business would do in another part of the country or, indeed, in another part of the world? Set up a virtual office address and phone number and find out with some test marketing.

Take control

Let your virtual office team answer your calls and you can work without interruption and then check your messages at a time that works for you.


Working from home is a great way to save on costs and spend more time doing what you love (rather than commuting). And, great thing is, you can do this whilst having a professional look that represents your growth and ambitions. Regus is an Enterprise Nation partner and the company has Virtual Offices to suit all budgets, sizes and situations. A Virtual Office with Regus gets you top addresses worldwide, a dedicated mailbox with forwarding or collection, personalised call answering in your company name, your own dedicated local business number and much more. That sounds virtually perfect to me! Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation founder

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Enterprise Nation
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