Lunch and Learn: How to develop an elevator pitch


Posted: Mon 26th Jul 2021

How to develop an elevator pitch

Developing a short pitch helps refine your proposition and boost your confidence. It's something you can use when you meet potential clients, team members or investors – or if you're just trying to explain to your aunt what it is you do.

Do you ever find yourself hesitating or lacking confidence when you need to talk about your business? It's your passion and that means it's hard to explain everything you do in a succinct manner.

Developing a pitch can really help.

Chris Goodfellow is the founder of The Pitch, a free competition that helps business owners create a kick-ass pitch and gives them a platform to use it. Their team helps hundreds of entrepreneurs every year and has seen thousands of pitches.

In this Lunch and Learn recording, Chris explains how to develop your pitch and talk about what you do with confidence.

Chris has over a decade of experience writing about small businesses and startups. He runs Inkwell, a content agency that helps companies that sell to small business owners grow their audiences through content marketing. You can find him on Twitter at @CPGoodfellow.

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