Get involved with National StartUp Day this Wednesday!

Get involved with National StartUp Day this Wednesday!
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Posted: Mon 12th Nov 2012

Enterprise campaign StartUp Britain is holding the first national StartUp Day for this Wednesday, 14th November, to raise awareness and support for the UK's expanding start-up business sector.

The day, timed to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week, aims to "celebrate the increasingly important role start-ups play in the economy". StartUp Britain is asking people to pledge to start, support of help fund a start-up. The campaign will also use the day to hold events in schools, workspaces and pubs and to lobby big businesses to help their smaller counterparts. It's being supported by the minister for business and enterprise Michael Fallon and high-profile entrepreneurs such as former Pizza Express boss Luke Johnson. Enterprise Nation's own Emma Jones - a co-founder of StartUp Britain - said a StartUp Day was needed because "we're living through a revolution in the way we work. "There has never been a better time, or more reason, to start a business," said Emma. "It's never been cheaper, more achievable or more mainstream. We have before us an opportunity of a lifetime to make a future for ourselves and for Britain - and we want people to go out there and grab a piece of their own future. "We'll be in schools, in offices and pubs. We'll catch people while they are shopping, or having a drink in the evening. Even if they're not going to start a business, on this day we want everyone to think about supporting a start-up - by giving up even just an hour of time to offer advice, knowledge or patience. Or for others, we want them to think about offering to fund a business - small contributions, however small, could make a difference to a business."

What's happening on StartUp Day?

The main events will take place at the British Library in London from midday to 3.30pm on Tuesday 13th November and 2.15pm on Wednesday, 14th November. Centred on the StartUp Britain bus that has just completed a national tour, it'll bring together start-ups, politicians, small business experts and distinguished entrepreneurs for an afternoon of networking and face-to-face support. If you're aged 18-24, you can also apply for a StartUp Loan at the bus.

Aside from this, StartUp Day will feature small events around the county hosted in schools, workplaces and even pubs by local champions.

What you can do

StartUp Britain is asking supporters to pledge to support start-ups on 14th November by tweeting #StartUpDay and making a pledge to:

  • Help a start-up

  • Fund a start-up

  • Start a start-up

  • Donate a product or service

  • Mentor a new business

  • Re-tweet a start-up

Get involved!

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