Enterprise Nation's local meet-ups for small business owners: Ireland

Enterprise Nation's local meet-ups for small business owners: Ireland

Posted: Fri 4th Mar 2022

Being self-employed can be extremely exciting. But it can also, at times, be lonely. Combined with the pressures of starting and growing a business, self-employed people often miss the social interaction and sense of community in the workplace.

And although you may frequently seek advice from family and friends, it's never quite the same as having the support and guidance of other like-minded business owners. 

Enterprise Nation is on a mission to cure those entrepreneurship blues. Local meet-ups offer a relaxed, informal environment for small business owners to connect with fellow entrepreneurs in their area.

These monthly sessions provide a ready-made support network and an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, discuss challenges and hold one another accountable. What's more, they're completely free to attend. 

Local meet-ups wouldn't exist without our army of Local Leaders. Small business owners in their own right, these amazing individuals are committed to their local community and passionate about supporting small businesses in their regions.

Today, we're thrilled to announce two new monthly meet-ups: Dublin and Munster.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider attending a local meet-up – and meet your Local Leaders for Dublin and Munster.

Networking opportunities 

The word 'networking' fills many people with dread. But connecting and building a rapport with like-minded small business owners can be hugely beneficial for both your morale and your business. It can lead to new customer leads, new supplier contacts, and potential partnerships and collaboration

Tara Elzingre, Enterprise Nation Local Leader for Munster

Fresh thinking and inspiration 

You may think it's good to mix only with people from your own industry, but sometimes the best feedback and freshest 'out-of-the-box' ideas come from those who are in a different field with no knowledge or presuppositions about your specific area of business.

It also gives you a valuable opportunity to carry out some market research and learn more about your target audience in a live setting. 

Feeling of belonging 

Local meet-ups offer opportunities to escape the bubble and connect with like-minded business people, many of whom are dealing with the exact same challenges and are eager to share their experiences.

Discussing your challenges with others in a similar position allows potential for collective problem-solving, and you'll almost certainly feel less alone in your endeavours as a result of their mental and emotional support.  

Learning opportunities 

In any business, there's always more to learn, even for the most experienced among us. Whether it's new knowledge about your product, business skills you need to develop, or innovative marketing techniques, you're bound to come away feeling more informed and better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of running your business.

Noel Lourdes, Enterprise Nation Local Leader for Dublin

Instant advocates for your business  

Unlike other networking groups, Enterprise Nation local meet-ups aren't a place to "sell". But just by attending the sessions, you're increasing your brand's visibility.

And with word of mouth still arguably one of the most effective marketing channels, this ready-made support network of business owners will be likely to recommend you and your business to others.


Small business local meet-ups | Enterprise Nation

Local meet-ups take place online, every month. Find your nearest and reserve your place.

Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses. Led by founder, Emma Jones CBE, Enterprise Nation connects you to the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

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