Attention Enterprise Nation advisers: Our small business community needs your support in 2022!

Attention Enterprise Nation advisers: Our small business community needs your support in 2022!
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Posted: Thu 18th Nov 2021

The Enterprise Nation adviser community is incredible. Every year, thousands of small business owners benefit from your wonderful support – whether through blog posts, Lunch and Learns, services or even just free discovery calls!

Looking ahead to 2022, we want to ensure you’re making the most of your Enterprise Nation adviser membership, so your full range of expertise reaches as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Over the last few months, we’ve analysed which areas of support small businesses owners are looking for the most. Here’s what we found.

Accountancy and finance

Money, money, money. As you’d expect, small business owners are searching for support that revolves all around accountancy and finance.

Whether it’s cashflow, cloud accounting or taxes – the latter covered brilliantly during Yarka Krajickova’s Lunch and Learn – entrepreneurs are desperate for real guidance.

Are you an expert in the world of accountancy and finance? Make sure our community know about you! Uploading services and writing blog posts to show our community exactly what you specialise in will greatly increase your visibility across the website. You can add or refresh your services here.

Cyber security

It may not be the most glamorous topic, but cyber security is hugely important, and the Enterprise Nation small business community know it.

The relative nicheness of cyber security certainly heightens the impact a knowledgeable specialist can have with their content and services, evidenced by Tom Davis’ Lunch and Learn, for instance.

If you'd like to offer digital security advice to small businesses face-to-face, why not be a part of the Adviser Zone at StartUp 2022?

Connect with Dan Adair-Wright to find out more!


Working from home

It’s something many of us have become accustomed to. And while rolling out of bed and running a business from the kitchen table perhaps sounds inviting at first, staying productive and efficient in this increasingly remote, digitised world is tough.

Sanjay Sah’s piece on managing a remote business proved incredibly popular with our community. And with so many other facets of working from home still yet to be fully covered by Enterprise Nation advisers, there is much opportunity to provide valuable support.

Remember, you can become an adviser at any time. So if you feel like you have expertise to share, get involved!


Brexit and COVID-19 have thrown up a whole host of uncertainties around exporting (which wasn’t the most simple concept to nail even before 2020).

As a result, expert advice for small businesses on the matter of exporting is paramount – an example being this webinar, in collaboration with Deloitte: Brexit 10 months on: what businesses need to know.

If you’re an Enterprise Nation adviser who is keen to host a Lunch and Learn webinar, be sure to put your name forward for one here.


Product development

Another topic which is very much of interest to the Enterprise Nation community.

Daneile Moore’s popular service touches on product development, but with so much ground in this area left unexplored elsewhere, now’s the chance to reach out and help entrepreneurs in need of help.

Getting involved

Would you like to write a blog post? Send us your suggestions here!

To join Enterprise Nation’s growing network of expert advisers, sign up now.

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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