Don't be an egg! Why you need a professional business portrait

Don't be an egg! Why you need a professional business portrait
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Posted: Fri 22nd May 2015

First impressions count in business, and nowadays most people's first impression of your company will be online. As a result it's vital that you present yourself in the right way and a good quality, professional image is one way to do it.

Have you ever been scrolling through Twitter and spotted one of these?

Twitter Egg Pan 14808

It's the dreaded egg; the default image that Twitter adds when you join the website.

If you've spent a bit of time on Twitter you'll know there are thousands of eggs out there and many of them belong to spammers. Not really the way you want your business to be perceived.

Having an egg also implies you don't really get social media and you're not someone who will really engage with their followers or share useful content.

Download1That's why it's vital that you change the profile image as soon as you can on all your social media profiles and add one that reflects well on you and your business.

Most big corporates add a company logo as they often struggle to build a personality behind the brand. But here small business owners have an advantage; they are the brand.

Building a story around you, the founder, can be powerful and using a good quality image of yourself on your social media profiles is a wise move.

Likewise if you have employees, showing quality images of them can also help tell your story. Show your customers who they are and what they do so they buy into your business and keep coming back for more.

Professional photography can come at a price though and business owners on a budget can struggle to find the case.

But here's a solution.

Enterprise Nation is delighted to be supporting a charity event that offers you the chance to get a low cost, professional portrait and support an amazing cause.

Taking place in Studio Private in Shoreditch, East London on 28 May Popup Portrait is organised by friend of Enterprise Nation and photographer Tom Griffiths.

Download2With prices starting at just £15, Tom will spend the day in the studio taking as many shots as possible. Whether you need a simple headshot, a print quality portrait or a shot of your team, Popup Portrait can help!

All of the money raised will go to NSPCC, the UK's leading charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands.

To book your photography session visit the Popup Portrait website.

It's time to crack that egg!

Portrait images credit: Tom Griffiths,

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