Why accurate translations are important for e-commerce

Why accurate translations are important for e-commerce
Arthur Wilson
Arthur WilsonArthur Wilson Digital Marketing Freelancer

Posted: Thu 30th Jun 2022

Every detail counts when it comes to presenting a brand to the online world, from the font to the word choice and the context - building a presence that emanates authenticity is hard work.

A poor or inaccurate translation of a product description can shatter the whole illusion in one go, so it’s important to be pedantic in this area.

Good web translation can provide your e-commerce company with a myriad of great benefits, however, and it should not be overlooked.

If you’re trying to build an international audience base, take your e-commerce store overseas, or simply carve out a new opportunity in the digital world, it’s worth checking out the importance of accurate translation.

Protecting your products

If your product description isn’t accurately translated, you might be leaving yourself open to a nasty court case, one that consists of you being sued for distributing a product without fully explaining its properties, for example.

Leaving out or misinterpreting key information regarding products can put you in some seriously hot water.

Remember, laws are different everywhere, so it’s worth being as clear and transparent as you possibly can be when selling products of any kind overseas.

Preserving your brand image

Bad translations look terribly unprofessional. They don’t scream legitimate either, as poorly spelt or grammatically incorrect web copy is reminiscent of the thousands of spam emails people receive daily.

You don’t want to be mistaken for a fake website, or worse still, a malicious website with your brand plastered all over it.

Moreover, if you cannot translate your brand’s message properly, you’ll have a harder time developing effective marketing campaigns and engaging your customers overseas.

Brands need to present a consistent image if they mean to increase their familiarity and grow their presence, and the language they use must represent this.

Increasing reach

The digital world is at its best when it breaks down barriers, transcends the borders of the physical, and connects people from all over the world.

For your e-commerce products to benefit from this increased sales reach, people need to be able to understand you and engage with your words in their native language.

This means going further than using a quick translation tool online and copying and pasting the results. While Google Translate has come a long way in recent years, if you’re serious about translating your company’s message, you’ll likely need an international translation company to help you.

This is partly due to the localisation and contextual needs of the language and wording, and this needs to be perfect to look authentic and carry your brand in a way that resonates with your overseas audience.

A wider sales reach is great news for the e-commerce professionals who recognise the immense opportunity that the online world provides, and it can help you boost your profits in no time!

Making your website more appealing

Even if your audience can read your language, they may much rather communicate in their native tongue in the first place, so a good translation can make your brand much more appealing to everyone.

This also builds trust, especially with a brand which the prospect may not have encountered before.

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Arthur Wilson
Arthur WilsonArthur Wilson Digital Marketing Freelancer

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