Why micro businesses matter

Why micro businesses matter
Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation

Posted: Fri 8th Jan 2016

Today is Micro Business Matters Day. To celebrate we asked our Twitter followers to sum up the importance of Britain's smallest businesses in one tweet.

You can watch a live eight hour online event today featuring guests including Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones here.

@e_nation - micro businesses are the plankton in the ocean of commerce

"" Wyche Innovation (@WycheInnovation) January 7, 2016

@e_nation because the economy would be in a pretty sticky situation without them.

"" Benedict Smith (@benedictmsmith) January 7, 2016

@e_nation micro businesses matter as they help innovative & creative entrepreneurs provide services which put smiles on customers faces

"" Roger Dennison (@RogerD_said) January 7, 2016

Micro-business matter because they are flexible, swift to react and provide a personal, high quality service.

"" Ann Wright (@roughhouse01) January 7, 2016

@e_nation small is beautiful. And they're the bedrock of any thriving political economy

"" Anis Qizilbash (@AnisQiz) January 7, 2016

@e_nation Micro but perfectly formed and controllable too

"" Chloe Haywood (@Hatastic) January 6, 2016

@e_nation Lifeblood of the economy

"" Hub Worker (@HubWorker) January 6, 2016

@e_nation There are so many benefits to both people and the economy, it's hard to know where to start!

"" Network ROI (@networkroi) January 7, 2016

I can do it in one word. @e_nation SOUL #micro #macro #business

"" Carrie Starbuck (@CarrieStarbuck) January 6, 2016

@e_nation because micro businesses don't want to be micro, they want to be mighty! To do that you need to hire, hire, hire!

"" Jason (@jason_oco) January 6, 2016

Tailored service, community focus, adaptable, expert, local

"" Denise OLeary (@PurpolMarketing) January 7, 2016

@e_nation Micro businesses matter because some of the greatest businesses in the world had to start somewhere.

"" Network ROI (@networkroi) January 8, 2016

@e_nation They need to be nurtured in every possible way!

"" Ron Goddard (@goddard_ron) January 8, 2016

Microbiz matter because entrepreneurs in #microbiz become#smallbiz & create growth & jobs for global economy #MicroBizMattersDay @e_nation

"" Stephen Kelly (@SKellyCEO) January 8, 2016

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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