What the new import rule changes mean for your business

Posted: Thu 20th Jan 2022

Watch back: What the new import rule changes mean for your business

Since 1 January 2022, you must comply with the new rules for imports from the EU to Great Britain (GB) to avoid delays and prevent additional charges being incurred.

In this webinar international trade expert Mike Wilson from Go Exporting Ltd guides you through the changes that came into effect from 1 Jan 2022 and explain what actions you need to take to keep your business moving. To help you navigate through this phase of new rules for doing business with the EU, Mike signposts to the wealth of government resources and support available.

New Import Rules, which came into effect from the 1 January 2022:

  • Customs Declarations rules- you must complete customs declarations on imports from the EU to Great Britain (GB) at the time you or your courier/freight forwarder bring them into GB. This means you can no longer delay making import customs declarations.

  • Rules of Origin - If you sell goods to the EU, or buy goods from the EU and bring them into the UK, you now need to be able to prove that they meet the rules of origin in order to access preferential tariffs.

  • Pre-notifying import rules - There are now new requirements for importing some SPS goods, such as meat or plants, to GB from the EU. You (or a representative acting on your behalf) will be required to pre-notify on the relevant IT system - when importing certain goods from the EU to GB.

If you’re moving goods between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, rules of origin work differently. Contact the Trader Support Service for up-to-date guidance and support.

The changes for customs declarations and pre-notifying imports do not yet apply to goods moving from Ireland to Great Britain.

Useful links:

  1. Further information on making customs declarations:

  2. Further info on pre-notifying imports:

  3. Further info on GVMS

  4. Further info on rules of origin

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