What entrepreneurs wish they'd known when they started out in business

What entrepreneurs wish they'd known when they started out in business
Lorna Bladen

Posted: Tue 19th Jun 2018

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, it's important to surround yourself around a positive and supportive network that will inspire and guide you onto the path to success.

As well as providing daily online and offline business guidance to our Enterprise Nation members, we are thrilled to watch the peer-peer support that our members offer one another through social media, at our events and on our website.

In some of the many highlights from Enterprise Nation's new email course packed with tips for start-ups, here are a few things that business owners wish they had known when they began their journeys to becoming their own boss:

Charlie Thuillier, Founder of Oppo Ice Cream: Product is king but you also need a vision.

"Your business vision is something investors, buyers, consumers, customers, journalists or your employees, can get just as excited about as you are. It's not enough to just push a great product, you need to have a mission, and sell a vision."

Charlie Thuillier, Founder of Oppo Ice Cream

Beatrice De Montille, founder of Merci Maman: It's all about the customer

"Keep them and listen to them. Believe passionately in your product, be innovative and fresh and create a reason for your customer to return. It's important to be utterly dedicated to what you're doing. Establish what you're good at and stick to it." 
Beatrice De Montille, founder of Merci Maman

Joe Devereux-Kelly, founder of Cool Cold Brew: Take each and every opportunity that comes your way!

"We attended an Enterprise Nation meet the buyer event in 2016 but I didn't think the brand was ready. Ultimately, we weren't. But it opened the door for us, helped us gain constructive feedback and we're now in a position where we're building a relationship with Sainsbury's."
Joe Devereux-Kelly, founder of Cool Cold Brew

Stephanie Peritore, founder of Mindful bites: Embrace the journey, it's amazing opportunity to know yourself better

"It's an incredible journey of brutal authenticity and every single day I feel a mixture of amazing and profound gratitude for being on this adventure. It's important to participate in as many events as possible. You can make a lot of friends who are on the same journey. This network will be precious at many points." 
Stephanie Peritore, founder of Mindful bites

Hershil Patel, founder of Dips: Ideas are plentiful, it's in the execution that you make money

"I've learn that it's important to define your own success in your own way. For some it's being in every big multiple going and selling millions of products. But for others it's earning enough so you can make that transition from a day job to running your own business and being able to spend more time with your family and kids." Hershil Patel, founder of Dips

This is just a sample of the advice that you can access if you sign up to The StartUp Course.

Sign up for free and you will then receive an email in your inbox for the next seven days, which will guide you on the steps you need to take to start your own venture with plenty of inspiration to motivate you too!

Within the course, the following themes are covered:

  • Day 1: Your idea and business plan

  • Day 2: Admin and company registration

  • Day 3: Starting on a budget and raising funds

  • Day 4: Building a home on the web

  • Day 5: Market your business and make sales

  • Day 6: Become the expert and pitch to the press

  • Day 7: Time to scale up!

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Lorna Bladen
Head of Marketing at Enterprise Nation. I specialise in community growth and engagement - email and content marketing - social media strategy - and building collaborative partnerships. What do I love doing? Connecting with start-ups and small businesses and shining a spotlight on them.

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