'We must be the party of white van man, Uber drivers and mumpreneurs', say Labour MPs

'We must be the party of white van man, Uber drivers and mumpreneurs', say Labour MPs

Posted: Wed 22nd Jul 2015

A group of Labour MPs has set up a group to promote the party as a champion of the self-employed.

The four politicians, Shabana Mahmood, Liam Byrne, Heidi Alexander and Nic Dakin, say Labour needs to reach out to those who works for themselves if it wants to get back into power.

According to the Mirror, the MPs have created 'Red Shift' because they think the electorate believe Labour "belongs to the past" and has an "o ut-of-date view of self-employment".

Mahmood, whose parents ran a shop, said during the last general election the party only acknowledged the self employed "when they have succeeded" and did not appreciate what "they did to get there".

Liam Byre will call on Labour to be "the party of white van man, Uber drivers and mumpreneurs" as these workers have wages 50% lower than the average.

Most of the candidates competing to become the new Labour leader have tried to appeal to business owners after criticism by many that former leader Ed Miliband failed to engage entrepreneurs.

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