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Video: #watercoolermoment at Birmingham Jelly

Video: #watercoolermoment at Birmingham Jelly

Posted: Wed 14th Mar 2012

Last week, we went along to casual coworking event Birmingham Jelly to fire up our laptops, work alongside other small business owners and host a special in-person version of our elevenses for homeworkers on Twitter #watercoolermoment. Enterprise Nation man-with-cam Tim Sargent (@timsargent) came along with us to film the meetup, with Birmingham Jelly organiser Rickie Josen @RickieWrites and #watercoolermoment co-host for the day Tim Wilson @Timmy666.


About #watercoolermoment

#watercoolermoment is our daily, virtual breaktime for homeworkers on Twitter. It allows you to share your elevenses with other business folk who work from home - and enjoy the good bits of working in an office, like the banter, without the bad bits, like the distractions. If you'd like to join in, follow us on Twitter (@e_nation), search for and use #watercoolermoment in your tweets - weekdays between 11am and 12pm GMT. (On Tuesdays, this is replaced by #TechTuesday for geek chat and free IT help and support!)

#watercoolermoment in your area

Would you come along to a #watercoolermoment-style meetup in your area? Do you go along to a 'jelly' near you? And would you be interested in sharing a no-networking tea or coffee with other business owners? Let us know in the comments

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