Lunch and Learn: Starting an employee share scheme – what you need to know

Posted: Mon 24th Jan 2022

Learn the most cost-effective, easy and impactful way to set up a share scheme

Share schemes do wonders for company retention and growth – and setting one up isn’t as complicated or as costly as you might think.

In this recorded Lunch and Learn webinar, Vestd’s founder, Ifty Nasir, tells you everything you need to know to get started.

Key takeaways for this session:

  • Find out why share schemes are one of the most transformative tools imaginable for recruitment, retention and growth

  • Find out how to set up a share scheme in a cost-effective, easy and impactful way

  • Cut through the jargon by learning the lingo

Ifty Nasir is the founder and CEO of Vestd, the share scheme platform for UK SMEs and startups. Vestd is the UK’s first, most advanced and only regulated digital share scheme platform for SMEs. Our experts help customers to design and set-up share schemes, and provide ongoing support. Companies use Vestd to issue shares and options to people who they want to incentivise, motivate and reward with a slice of the action. Need some insight into EMI or other types of shares and options? Or perhaps you need help digitising your existing scheme? Whatever the query, Ifty can help.

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