Lunch and Learn: Supercharge your brand on a budget – in small steps

Rhea Freeman
Rhea FreemanRhea Freeman - Social . Media. Marketing

Posted: Mon 26th Sep 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, award-winning PR adviser Rhea Freeman tells you why you don't need a big budget to promote yourself effectively. She also explains how, by taking advantage of free opportunities within traditional media and making use of social media and digital, you can be hugely effective on no or little budget.

Rhea is a business coach and mentor, an award-winning podcaster, a Meta Lead Trainer and now a best-selling author thanks to her debut book Small & Supercharged: Small Steps to Supercharge Your Brand on a Budget. 

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Why you don't need a budget to promote yourself

  • How being creative and thinking of things from the other person's point of view will help you succeed

  • Why you can do everything you need yourself, without prior experience

Rhea Freeman
Rhea FreemanRhea Freeman - Social . Media. Marketing
I help small businesses, solopreneurs and influencers promote themselves better with little to no budget. And as you'd guess, most of this is done around social media and digital. I usually work with female founded business and most of the brands I support tend to have a rural connection, from being located there to serving there. I also run two Facebook groups, one of which is a membership group, to provide people who want upskill with additional support. In addition, I love speaking at events where I can help people get enthused and grow their confidence around social media, the power of digital, and how they have everything they need to get started. I'm also an award winning PR adviser, best selling author and two x TEDx Speaker.

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