Lunch and Learn: How to grow an audience without using paid ads

Niki Hutchison
Niki HutchisonNiki Hutchison Limited

Posted: Fri 1st Apr 2022

Niki Hutchison, business and marketing expert and founder of Niki Hutchison Limited, is a firm believer in the power of organic marketing that costs nothing or very little. 

In this recorded Lunch and Learn, Niki introduces some clever ways you can grow your audience (and business) without paying for ads.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • How to fill your marketing funnel organically

  • The three Cs you need to stick to if you want to grow your audience

  • The most effective way to grow an engaged audience in 2022 without spending money on ads


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Niki Hutchison
Niki HutchisonNiki Hutchison Limited
I’m a Business & Marketing Expert and fierce supporter of Female Founders. Over the past twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of female-led small businesses as well as corporate clients to deliver impactful marketing campaigns that drive results. I empower female led-businesses by providing them with the knowledge and skills to build engaged audiences and skyrocket business growth without spending money on ads. As well as creating effective marketing campaigns for agencies and clients, I have also managed and grown two businesses myself. A firm believer in sharing knowledge, I have built a thriving online community on Facebook and Instagram, where I share the lessons and tips that I’ve learnt, interviews guest experts on key business & marketing topics and provide a platform to support other female-led businesses. Building a business like downhill skiing, and when you’re learning to ski it helps to have an experienced instructor. I am that person for female-led small businesses. I don’t have time for gimmicks, I support female led-businesses by teaching founders tried and tested, action-focused marketing methods, in a straight-forward, jargon-free way.

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