Lunch and Learn: How small businesses can hire US employees affordably

Joanne Farquharson
Joanne FarquharsonFoothold America Inc./Foothold International Ltd.

Posted: Wed 25th Aug 2021

Joanne Farquharson's entrepreneurial experience spans both sides of the Atlantic. She founded, built, and sold two US businesses before moving to the UK in 2015 and then France in 2020.

She has more than 25 years' experience advising small and medium-sized business in US employment, HR, benefits, insurance, labour compliance and risk management. She has a passion for growing companies and helping business owners actualise their goals.

Foothold America helps businesses of all sizes overcome the many obstacles to launching and expanding in the US. They work with clients to identify the most cost-effective solution to initiate a credible US presence whether tentatively to test the waters, or comprehensively expand and scale.

This Lunch and Learn session is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to expand to the US market but don’t know where to start.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Review a success roadmap to identify your to-do list and important questions to ask

  • Outline the US employee hiring models and sample budget for US employment

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Joanne Farquharson
Joanne FarquharsonFoothold America Inc./Foothold International Ltd.
Hello, out there Enterprise Nation members! Are you considering expanding your business to the US? I am an American businessperson who has grown companies in the US, UK and EU. Foothold America specialises in helping non-US businesses expand to the US, set up US entities, hire US personnel, and manage risk. Warm regards, Joanne

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