E-commerce: How Alibaba.com can help you reach new markets worldwide

Posted: Thu 21st Mar 2024

Enterprise Nation hosted this bootcamp to give UK sellers the opportunity to learn how the leading B2B marketplace can help them export globally.

Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global B2B e-commerce, enabling UK SMEs to reach and match with more than 47 million active buyers in over 200 countries and regions – with the US, Europe (UK, Italy, France and Germany), India, Brazil and Australia among the top 15 buyer markets.

The marketplace sees strong international demand across a broad range of categories with roughly 340,000 enquiries submitted every day on the platform.

Alibaba.com enables UK sellers to proactively and reactively match prospective buyers, retain full control over which markets/buyers they sell to, promote white label capabilities and sell branded products.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Presentation of B2B e-commerce outlook for UK SMEs

  • Introduction to Alibaba.com, illustrating how the platform can help your business reach global markets from Europe to the US and beyond

  • A quick guide on how to succeed with Alibaba.com


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