Top 50 business advisers 2015 announced

Top 50 business advisers 2015 announced

Posted: Fri 23rd Jan 2015

Small business network Enterprise Nation asked businesses to nominate an adviser who has helped them to build and grow a sustainable business. The awards, which set out to highlight the work done being the scenes by experts helping Britain's army of small businesses to build and grow, revealed a rich vein of dedicated supporters for the UK's expanding entrepreneurial culture.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, said: "These business advisers are the unsung heroes behind Britain's booming small businessculture.

"The awards have uncovered some incredible work that has helped fledgling firms take steps towards sustainability and growth by taking a strategic look at their business.

"Research shows that those firms that take advice do better than those that don't - and it stands to reason that good advice can help avoid some of the damaging, early mistakes entrepreneurs can make that can often force them to give up.

"Thanks to the government's £30m Growth Voucher initiative, there is now an increasing interest in taking strategic advice to overcome some of these behavioural barriers and unlock growth potential.

"The awards were designed to show this important work in action, in order to help more start-ups and small firms find out about the benefits of taking advice."

The 50 advisers were chosen from hundreds of entries from around the UK, with ten outstanding experts picked out as the top ten. These are:

Alison Edgar, an accredited sales coach and Growth Voucher adviser from Chippenham, Wiltshire

Martyn Benson, a start-up adviser working with Rotherham Investment and Development Office (RIDO) in Rotherham

Adrian Ashton, a start-up and growth adviser working with ex-offenders in Todmorden in West Yorkshire

Kieron O'Toole, a specialist in leadership and management advice for growing firms, based in Redditch, West Midlands

Philip Dyer, a passionate supporter of small businesses and an accredited marketing specialist working in Preston, Lancashire

Quentin Pain, a marketing coach based in London

Warren Knight, a social media expert and entrepreneur operating in London

Jo Sealy, a food and creative marketing adviser from Walthamstow, London

Jon Green, an accountant from Havant in Hampshire

Bill Fox, a small business adviser, based in Ashford in Kent

Alison Edgar said: "I'm delighted to have been chosen as one of the top 10. The most common mistake I see is not to put a sales strategy in place. It is very important to dedicate time to sell your product or service, if you do not sell, you do not have a business.

"I work with clients not only to put together a short, mid and long term strategy but a sales process strategy of how to access people who make decisions to buy, and what to say when they meet them."

Entries were judged by a distinguished panel including Emma Jones, and representatives from professional bodies including the ICAEW, as well as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, StartUp Loans and James Layfield, the founder and entrepreneur behind Central Working.

Top 50 business advisers

Adrian Ashton

Alison Edgar

Brett Laniosh

Clive Ozzard

Harold Sharples

Jerry Davison

Laura Morris

Martin Norbury

Nick Bettes

Paul Waite

Richard Tidswell

Sarah Orchard

Warren Knight

Adrian Holdstock

Anne-Marie Hartill

Carol Stewart

Daryl Woodhouse

James Robson

Jo Sealy

Lizanne Jakobs

Martyn Benson

Nigel Davis

Philip Dyer

Rob Thomas

Sophie Jewry

Zufilgar Deo

Alan Adams

Arsim Shillova

Charles Smee

David Dugdale

Janet Bebb

Jon Green

Louisa Moger

Michelle McCalden

Paul Bailey

Philip Ely

Simon Williamson

Stephen Houston

Sue Tumelty

Bill Fox

Clive Bonny

Frank Vitetta

Jayne Smith

Kieron O'Toole

Martin Horton

Michelle Safo

Paul Norton

Quentin Pain

Sapphire Gray

Vanessa Lanham

Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses. Led by founder, Emma Jones CBE, Enterprise Nation connects you to the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

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