Tips for business success from the best advisers class of 2018

Tips for business success from the best advisers class of 2018
Dan Martin
Dan MartinDan Martin Content & Events

Posted: Wed 19th Jun 2019

We're currently searching for Britain's best  top advisers, professionals, coaches and mentors working behind the scenes to ensure Britain's businesses get the best start and the right advice to grow.

As the 1 July deadline approaches for this year's Top 50 Advisers competition, we asked some of the winners from last year to share their best business advice.

If you're adviser or you know a great one, nominate in Top 50 Advisers 2019 here.

Dawn Crossingham, best finance and funding adviser 2018:

"It is imperative for business owners in all stages of development to seek the help and support of impartial and experienced advisers. Business advice is crucial to keep a business on track, develop growth objectives, critique financial viability and remain accountable."

Patricia Van den Akker, best branding and design adviser in 2018:

"It's a bit trickier out there right now with getting sales, so my recommendation is to get more creative with what you do - become more niche and really get to know your ideal clients and what they really want to buy. Dig a little deeper into the psychology of your clients and why, how and where they buy.

"Get creative not just with creating and developing innovative new products and services that people truly love to buy, but also with your branding, presentation and especially your customer care.

"People buy from people. And especially if your (creative) business is small then it's crucial that you show that personal angle, and that you grow your relationship with your clients - be friendly, be patient and but keep showing up (with a smile)!"

Martin Norbury, best export adviser in 2018:

"Don't base decisions on where you are - base them on what you want to become. One of the first things I ask clients is what type of company they want to become - £1m a year turnover? £5m? £10m? The decisions you make as a £200,000 a year business are different to one that turns over £10m. If you want to become a £10m business you have to start thinking like one."

Peter Lawrence, best HR adviser in 2018:

"Look after your people and they will look after your customers and ensure your business goes from strength the strength. Your people may be: employees or self-employed contractors or gig workers. It is the people that service your clients or customers that are most important to building your brand."

Charles Cracknell, best strategy adviser in 2018:

"Put the pride aside. This thing called entrepreneurship is much too difficult to do alone so ask for help. People will respect your willingness to learn and be humble its not all about boasting about success. You'll be surprised what doors can be opened to you when you ask."

Amanda Ruiz, best PR adviser in 2018:

"Be brave, be bold. Running your own business can be hugely challenging juggling all those balls, but the one thing that is totally in your control is your self-promotion. Try to do one self-promo activity a day, and that doesn't mean being shouty and a big show-off.

"Here are some examples: like, share and RT an influencer's post, ask to speak at an event, help someone out in your business world. The list goes on, but as you can see, what you're doing is getting onto people's radars in a nice non pushy way, and you will reap the rewards."

Alison Edgar, best sales and marketing adviser in 2018:

"If you don't sell, you don't have a business! Lots of people hide behind marketing using emails, social media and mailshots in the hope that people spend money with them. Sales involves human interaction and generates better results. Be brave, learn to sell and give your business its best shot."

John Berrisford, best legal adviser in 2018:

"I do not subscribe to the theory of build it and they will come. I want and need to know what my clients need and want. When I'm confident I know only then will Il build and deliver it.

"Nobody is ever really perfect, so don't be afraid to make mistakes, the opportunity to learn from them is immense. Don't wait either, other people are out there making lots of mistakes but at the same time they are learning so much also. It's important that you have some kind of a mechanism to turn the attention that you're getting into sales, there fore your presence in the market place should be constant."

If you're adviser or you know a great one, nominate in Top 50 Advisers 2019 here.

Dan Martin
Dan MartinDan Martin Content & Events
I'm a freelance content creator and event host who helps small businesses and the organisations that support them. I have 18 years of experience as a small business journalist having interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs from billionaires like Sir Richard Branson to the founders behind brand new start-ups. I've worked for a range of leading small business publications and support groups, most recently as head of content at Enterprise Nation where I was responsible for the prolific output of content on the company's blog and social media. I'm based in Bristol where I run and host regular events with the local small business community and have strong connections to major business organisations in the south west region. In total, I've hosted over 50 events; from intimate meet-ups to conferences with an audience of hundreds including events for international brands like Facebook and Xero. I'm also a big fan of podcasts having hosted Enterprise Nation's Small Business Sessions as well as lots of online events including Facebook Live interviews, webinars and three live web chats from inside 10 Downing Street. With my partner, I co-run Lifestyle District, a lifestyle blog focused on culture, art, theatre and photography. I'm here to help. I'm volunteering free advice calls of up to an hour as part of the Recovery Advice for Business scheme, over the next 6 months. Please get in touch to see how I can help your business. 

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