The year of the start

The year of the start
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Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation

Posted: Sat 31st Dec 2011

We're hours off from welcoming in a New Year and I wonder if it's got you thinking about what you will start to make it your year. Here are some options.Start a business

The most obvious one of all! 2012 will be an incredible year for anyone starting a business as there is so much support and many services available to you. Turn your passion, hobby or skill into a way of making a living by starting with a business plan, making a first sale and promoting it to everyone! Enterprise Nation can help through our StartUp Saturday event and books and kits. Also check out the StartUp Britain campaign which is tailor made for the start up of 2012!

Start to Go Global

Expand your business overseas and into dynamic markets via your website, word of mouth referrals or agents/distributors. In the lead-up to our Go Global events in November 2011 we discovered that 67% of Enterprise Nation visitors are going global within their first 2 years of trading - is this new year the time for you to do the same? Help is on hand via the free Go Global Guide and a series of events we'll be announcing in January.

Start to experiment

There's never been a more cost effective time to experiment and innovate; to try new routes to market or put quirky promotion into practice. You can test at low cost and in quick time. Make the most of resources like to keep on top of trends and if you're interested in how your business could make the most of mobile, do try and hear Cate Trotter's excellent presentation on the subject and please enjoy our Free Range Friday series which will bring you new business ideas, offbeat ways of doing things, and, in the words of our editor, "the great stuff that makes you smile and makes you think."

Start to grow

Resolve this year to focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. In my view, this is simply the best way to grow a business. Are you a dab hand at securing sales? Then outsource to and partner with others who can focus on production, marketing and admin. It takes time to find the perfect partner but there are great pools of talent at our disposal via sites including, Freelancer and Please watch out for the Marketplace coming to Enterprise Nation in January which we've designed to help you grow the business by sub-contracting as opposed to hiring staff.

Start to finish

May I finish by wishing you the most successful year in business in 2012. I have a strong feeling it's going to be a good one for those starting, innovating, exporting and growing. Let's show the UK what we small business owners can do! Happy New Year from the Enterprise Nation crew and please let us know what you'll be starting in the New Year, in the comments below. Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation Photo credit: twid

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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