The hottest blog posts written by advisers in October

The hottest blog posts written by advisers in October
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Posted: Tue 26th Oct 2021

One of the biggest perks of being an Enterprise Nation adviser is the ability to submit blog articles onto the platform.

Writing blogs is fantastic way to get noticed by precisely the people who matter: prospective clients. And the benefits go beyond boosted visibility.

By writing brilliant content in your area of expertise, you'll very publicly position yourself as a thought leader in your industry or discipline.

Fancy being published on Enterprise Nation? It’s easy. Send us your ideas and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps – open yourself up to a brand new audience!

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out our hottest blog posts written by Enterprise Nation advisers in October.

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Simple decision making with data - how to easily increase your profits

Analysing data is always something of a thorny issue for small business owners. It’s all well and good having the data, but how can it used to influence decision making?

Lyane Bartlett of The Digital Index delves into this crucial issue and covers the following areas:

  • How data can rapidly spark business growth

  • Ensuring you are data-led and not data-driven

  • How data analysis can save both money and time

  • How to get started with data for decision making

Read Lyane’s piece here and be sure to connect with her and book a free discovery call.

What is ‘The Great Resignation’ and how can you protect yourself from it?

‘The Great Resignation’ is a very real phenomenon, which is gripping a large number of businesses in the UK – both large and small.

Ifty Nasir of Vestd talks through this particular issue and shares his analysis of how businesses can protect themselves from it.

Some of the points of discussion include:

  • What is ‘The Great Resignation’ and why is it happening?

  • The Covid effect

  • How to protect your company

  • The top three ways to attract talent and keep it

  • How to use ‘The Great Resignation’ to do better

Enjoy the full article here and get connected with Ifty.

When a client ghosts you: Rachael Howourth’s top tips

Much of the Enterprise Nation community will already be aware of Rachael, who is one of the most sought-after advisers on the platform.

In this piece, Rachael tackles the very common issue of being ghosted by a potential client – a problem that can be hard to combat in the correct manner.

Rachael looks at three primary areas:

  • Looking to prevent rather than cure

  • How to ask open questions

  • Agreeing next steps

Follow Rachael’s advice and your ghosting issues will hopefully be a thing of the past! You can connect with her here.

How to choose the right marketing mentor for your business

Another big name in the Enterprise Nation adviser pool is Minal Patel, who chats marketing mentors in her most recent blog.

Minal is known for her incredibly in-depth, detailed articles, and this is no exception, as she discusses:

  • Understanding motivations for wanting to work with a marketing mentor

  • How to choose the right marketing mentor

  • How to get the most from mentoring

An absolute expert in the world of marketing, Minal’s is well worth connecting with.

Rachael Howourth: "being an Enterprise Nation adviser has allowed me to grow my audience and community"

Finally, ending on something slightly different, we have another offering from Rachael, but this time an interview!

Rachael took the time to talk to us and go through her background, her journey to where she is today, as well as how being an Enterprise Nation adviser has helped increase her reach both personally and professionally.

If you’re interested in becoming an Enterprise Nation adviser and growing your own brand, make sure you sign up today!

If you are a current adviser looking to boost your profile on Enterprise Nation, get in touch and start proposing your wonderful content ideas.

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Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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