Social media updates for April 2024

Social media updates for April 2024
Natalie Luckham
Natalie LuckhamNaturally Social

Posted: Wed 8th May 2024

The digital landscape is regularly changing and the need to stay ahead of the curve is increasingly important. Join us as we run through the exciting social media platform updates that have shaped the landscape this month.

From exciting updates to unexpected twists, we’ve got all the juicy details to keep you in the know. So, grab your favourite snack, kick back and explore the ever-changing world of social media!


Let's kick off this month's social media platform updates with a visit to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is exploring methods to integrate videos into the feed! It’s hoped that this will enhance the discovery of relevant and timely video content on the platform. With no specific details available, some users have spotted a new video tab, positioned next to the home button within the app’s navigation bar.

LinkedIn is discreetly exploring additional avenues to boost its revenue streams by targeting small and medium businesses. The platform is reportedly developing a new subscription service called LinkedIn Premium Company Page, which is said to offer AI-powered content writing, tools for boosting follower counts and other features aimed at enhancing company profiles. This sounds pretty good to us but sadly it’ll be behind a $99 per month paywall.

Lastly, LinkedIn is trying to combat scams by rolling out passport verification. Users will be able to utilise their biometric passports for identity verification, marking one of the strictest forms of verification by a social media platform. This feature was initially launched in Singapore in March and will gradually roll out worldwide.


X has unexpectedly altered to for its links which has affected any URL ending in This social media platform update was initially spotted in the iOS app, where problems persisted for a couple of days before it was fixed.

X is rolling out a new policy that will require users to display their blue checkmarks.

Blue ticks used to represent notable accounts and verified their legitimacy. However, since Elon Musk took over Twitter, checkmarks were removed and incorporated into Twitter’s subscription service. Users were previously able to pay a premium fee to hide the checkmark but X is now adding the checkmark to accounts with a significant number of followers that also subscribe to the premium tier.

Our list of social media platform updates brings us the news that Elon Musk confirmed plans to introduce a nominal fee for new users to combat the persistent issue of bots. Users opting not to pay the fee can still browse and follow accounts for free, with the option to post unlocked after three months.


Our first TikTok update sees the return of music! We originally mentioned the removal of music by Universal back in February, but it looks like Taylor Swift’s music is back on TikTok! It’s only been 10 weeks since the initial dispute so we’re keeping everything crossed that more music from our favourite artists is back soon!

Let's talk ads! TikTok is gearing up to introduce an AI creator feature, potentially challenging sponsored content from human influencers! The platform is experimenting with virtual influencers who are capable of promoting and selling products via TikTok Shop. Although this is still in testing, it’s not good news as the initial trial reported that AI avatars brought in fewer e-commerce sales than their human counterparts.

With the TikTok ban being passed through the House of Representatives (HoR), it seems to be on its way after the HoR said it was a threat to US democracy. We already know that the President has said he’ll sign the bill into law should it pass through the Senate but they’re in no rush to get that debated! So no news is certainly good news right now.

Look out!

TikTok is gearing up to challenge Instagram with the launch of its own photo-sharing app. In a bid to increase its offerings, TikTok is creating a dedicated space for users to share images and text. Some users have already received notifications informing them that their photo posts will automatically be shared to the new app, TikTok Notes, unless they choose to opt out!


Facebook has been restricted by EU data protection regulations from utilising personal data indefinitely for targeted advertising. This means that publicly available data cannot be used for this purpose without limitations.

Facebook has seen an increase in AI-generated engagement bait which has led to significant user interaction. As a result, Meta is enhancing its AI content labels to encompass a wider array of synthetic content, addressing the increasing influx of generative AI posts across the platform.

Lastly, Facebook has introduced an enhanced vertical video display and recommendations algorithm. Now, all video content on the platform will be accessible through a TikTok-style vertical feed, underscoring TikTok’s significant influence on industry trends.


Instagram is set to introduce profile Notes, which will offer users an additional way to spark engagement and share updates on their profiles. Users will be able to express thoughts or share updates while also enabling connections to leave Notes on friends’ profiles to encourage interaction.

Next, Meta is expanding access to generative AI-powered products with an experiment that will integrate Meta AI into Instagram’s search bar. The Instagram search bar will soon update and offer both chat with AI and content discovery features, allowing users to have conversations with Meta AI via direct message and explore pre-loaded prompts.

It’s time for a little throwback! Meta is in the process of reintroducing the 'Poke' feature on Instagram. If you’re not sure what the Poke feature is, be sure to grab your closest millennial and ask them! Once this feature is fully launched, users will notice a raised hand icon next to the bell button on Instagram profiles.

We’ve got an algorithm update

Instagram has rolled out a significant algorithm update that aims to boost the visibility of original and emerging creators! This move underscores Meta’s commitment to building stronger relationships with content creators, potentially reshaping posting strategies in the process.


First, DMs are coming to Threads! But there won’t be a dedicated Threads inbox. Meta’s live test of DMs on Threads features a new Message button on Threads profiles for select users. While this new Threads DM option allows you to send messages within the app, it redirects these messages to the recipient’s Instagram inbox.

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