Social media updates for January 2024

Social media updates for January 2024
Natalie Luckham
Natalie LuckhamNaturally Social

Posted: Fri 16th Feb 2024

The digital landscape is regularly changing and the need to stay ahead of the curve is increasingly important.

Join us as we run through the exciting social media platform updates that have shaped the landscape this January.


Surprisingly it’s been relatively quiet for X this month! That being said, there are a few to review!

Video is coming to Spaces Broadcasts. While live video isn’t a new concept, users will be able to live stream video spaces with multiple other users. But it's worth noting that there isn’t any word on how many guests you’ll be able to have!

Another video update is that X is testing the addition of a video tab to the bottom ‘function bar’. Based on previous insights, showing that video content received 10x more engagement, it seems a sensible move for X to pivot to a video-first platform.

Elon is aiming to produce increased original content by using the most engaged and interesting people on the platform! Three new shows are being launched for X, starring a former US news anchor, a former US representative and a sports commentator!

X isn't don't yet

We mentioned this update back in November and link previews are back... sort of! The upside, the link previews have returned (and rightly so!). The downside… they’re really small.

Our final update sees that advertisers will be able to specifically target users who are ‘Premium Subscribers’. We’re not too sure how to feel about this update. After all the selling point for Twitter Blue / X Premium was that users would get half the amount of ads!


We’re kicking off our LinkedIn section with paid advertising.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn has increased its ad prices due to the increase in demand… all thanks to X!
If you’ve boycotted X or you’re thinking about it, be sure to check your budget before getting started with LinkedIn Advertising.

Staying with ads, LinkedIn is moving to new ways of targeting and will retire its lookalike audience feature. If you’re currently running ads using a lookalike audience, they’ll still run but to a static audience pool. LinkedIn will automatically archive inactive or unused lookalike audiences.

Lastly, LinkedIn has launched a new ad-tracking option called Website Actions. The new option will use the ‘LinkedIn Insight Tag’ on your website, which will connect your web response to the in-stream activity.


We're starting with an update to Notes. A new test has launched that will give users prompts on what to post notes about. It’s hoped that these prompts will generate group chats and give users more ways to engage.

If you’ve not updated your Instagram app, you might want to after this update! Users can now cancel their story uploads before they become public viewing! This is going to be handy if you spotted an error or forgot to include a link!

‘Flipside’ is a brand new feature, which will allow users to share content with specific people (think friends-only stories etc). This should eradicate the need for having another account if you’re sharing content you don’t want specific people to see.


Let's talk ads. Meta is changing the way that users can target people via advertising. Targeting options that are too granular or have legal implications will be removed or consolidated.
Users who are running ads that include any of the targeting options that are being removed will be notified via a ‘warning banner’ on the Ads Manager Page.

Meta has introduced a disclosure requirement for any ads that have been digitally altered. And rightly so in our opinion!


We just have one social media update from Facebook this month.

Link History is a feature that will track the links that you’ve clicked on for 30 days, which is great if you accidentally closed something of interest! Don’t worry though, this can be turned off at any time.


30-minute videos are being tested for TikTok! After the rise of TV and movie content being shared to the platform (in multiple parts), it makes sense for TikTok to test even longer content!

To be more accessible, TikTok is rolling out ‘new text size options’. This option will be available to use via the settings menu if you have the latest version of the app. It’s worth noting that this update won’t impact the size of the text displayed on videos.

If you’re struggling with which sounds to use on TikTok… why not create your own!? TikTok is looking into AI-generated songs!

Creators can use basic text commands to create their own music… It’s fair to say the jury remains out on this update!

And the last social media update is...

If you’ve been using the TikTok creator centre to look at trends, we’ve got bad news for you. The ability to search specific hashtags has been removed! You’ll still be able to see the top 100 trending hashtags, but you won't be able to see how popular the hashtags you’re planning to use are.

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