The best services from the winners of our Top 50 Advisers Award

The best services from the winners of our Top 50 Advisers Award

Posted: Wed 1st Dec 2021

Last week saw our Top 50 Advisers Awards night take place, with 10 wonderful members of the Enterprise Nation adviser community being crowned in their respective fields of expertise.

One way many of our winners differentiated themselves was by providing outstanding services which have proved immeasurably valuable to small business owners who are using Enterprise Nation to further their dreams.

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Below, you can read about the services provided by some of the award-winners:

Aarti Parmar: Brand your business online - helping you to discover your brand

Branding & Design winner Aarti's service is designed to help fast-track your business success. Aarti’s course cuts through the jargon, with her 10-step framework providing the information, tools and resources to set you up for success.

You can connect with Aarti here.

Sharon Pocock: Business Advice

Sharon is this year’s Finance & Funding winner, which will come as no surprise to her service clients. She has a proven track record of significantly growing businesses within 12 months through close working and actionable goals.

You can connect with Sharon here.

Jay Bhayani: Settlement Agreements

Jay took home the Human Resources trophy, with her large number of services playing no small part in her success. In particular, her service looking at settlement agreements is a valuable tool for those who want to make sure tick every legal box is ticked.

You can connect with Jay here.

Ceylan Boyce: 1-2-1 strategic planning session

As our Leadership & Strategy winner, Ceylan’s wealth of services and other resources on the Enterprise Nation platform has supported countless entrepreneurs, with her course focusing on business strategy a particular hit.

You can connect with Ceylan here.

Joanna Tall: Helping you to sleep at night and not worry about the legals!

Legal champion Joanna’s service aims to alleviate all of those headaches associated with business law. Putting minds at rest with affordable templates and bespoke advice, the service is effective without inundating clients with legal jargon.

You can connect with Joanna here.

Janet Bebb: Social Media Management

Flying the flag for Marketing is Janet, whose service on social media management will ensure your small business can effectively incorporate social media marketing as an active part of its overall marketing strategy.

You can connect with Janet here.

Catherine Erdly: The Resilient Retail Club

Catherine is 2021’s Sales winner. Her flagship service has gained immense popularity alongside her other offerings, giving small business owners the confidence to plan, launch and manage products, while also feeling in control of sales numbers and cash flow.

You can connect with Catherine here.

Gill Wilson: Web Design and Development

Finally, we have our Website & Apps champion Gill, whose comprehensive service encompasses all things web design and development. She provides bespoke website design and guidance on how to maintain and grow your site.

You can connect with Gill here.

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