#TechTuesday: Twitter's virtual IT department (for small businesses without IT departments)

#TechTuesday: Twitter's virtual IT department (for small businesses without IT departments)
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Posted: Tue 24th Apr 2012

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Small business owners are amazing. All at once, they're a sales team, a customer support desk, a design agency. When you run your own business, you take on a number of different roles. But when you need help, where do you turn?

Free IT help

If you're your own IT department, and you need some help, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@e_nation) and tweet #TechTuesday, every Tuesday, between 11am and midday UK time. It's a great way to find a quick solution to an IT problem that's been bugging you. But we can't take all the credit! We're helped by other Twitterers, who tune into #TechTuesday, and chip in with their tips and advice, suggestions and recommendations, when they can.

Sponsored by HP

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#TechTuesday is now supported by the whiz kids at HP, who have their own Twitter account for small business owners (which is ace, by the way): make sure you follow them (@HPBizAnswers), and check out the HP Business Answers LinkedIn Group.

#TechTuesday on Twitter: Tuesdays, 11am to midday UK time

So, we'll see you on Twitter! Bring your IT problems with you. And, if you haven't got any (lucky you!), be prepared to help other small business owners or join in the geek chat. San Sharma is Community Manager at Enterprise Nation

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