Tech Tuesday poll: What's the best way to manage your Twitter accounts?

Tech Tuesday poll: What's the best way to manage your Twitter accounts?
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Posted: Tue 24th Jan 2012

Small businesses were very quick to recognise the potential of Twitter as a customer communication tool - to such an extent that we're surprised when we come across a business that isn't on Twitter.

But how do you keep track of all your conversations and multiple accounts? There are a variety of tools out there, but which works best for you?

Last week's poll: What's the best smartphone for small businesses?

Last week we asked which was the best smartphone platform for small businesses and got the following result:

  • iPhone: 21.62%

  • Android: 40.54%

  • BlackBerry: 35.14%

  • Windows: 2.7%

So Android, the open platform, came out on top - but it only just beat the BlackBerry, leaving the much-lauded iPhone a distant third. Says Enterprise Nation's resident tech maestro San Sharma: "I'm a little bit surprised (and not) that the iPhone came third. The Android community is quite vocal; and I expected BlackBerry to come first, to be honest, because of its strong but slipping reputation in the business market. I'd be interested to know from readers why they voted the way they did? What they look for in a business smartphone? What's lacking? Is the iPhone not business or enterprise-ready? And do readers use tablets?" Please leave your comments below. Photo credit: Chinen Keiya

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Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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