StepUp September: 30 days to change your mindset and your business - week five

StepUp September: 30 days to change your mindset and your business - week five
Lorna Bladen
Lorna BladenHead of

Posted: Mon 28th Sep 2020

We're now in the fifth and final week of September and as part of our advice packed StepUp September campaign we've been spotlighting daily bitesize business lessons. We have shared a variety of different tips and challenges that have been crowdsourced by the Enterprise Nation community of advisers and small businesses.

Continuous learning is critical to entrepreneurial success and many of the challenges that have been contributed over the month have had a real emphasis on mind shift behaviour and the benefit of seeking support from others.

To help build your entrepreneurial confidence and competence, make sure you get connected with expert advisers in the community and book in for a free one-hour consultation call on their profiles. It's just one of the many benefits of being an Enterprise Nation member.

Engage with us on social to share how you have got on this month - we'd love to champion your progress!


Monday 28 September


Tip of the day: Don't wait for everything to be perfect before making the first step

Perfection is a roadblock to progression! Don't let having that shiny website, or eye-catching logo stop you from getting your product or service out in front of potential customers.

Successful businesses are the ones that take a 'build-measure-learn' approach. To break this down: build a minimal viable product on a bootstrap budget, then measure the response from quickly getting it to market and finally, learn from the feedback of your target market. Once you have doubled down on what is working, you can take this insight to improve the next improved iteration of your product or service.

Tip provided by Katie Tucker, founder of Product Jungle.

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Tuesday 29 September


Tip of the day: Truly believe in yourself and your product or service

Self-confidence is one of the biggest barriers to entrepreneurship, particularly for females. The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship stated that 39% of women are confident in their capabilities to start a business compared with 55% of men.

When you have belief in yourself and the value that your business has to offer, it's far easier to spread the word and for people to pay attention.

Tip provided by Hannah Stacey, founder of @iam_soulfullysourced.
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Wednesday 30 September


Tip of the day: Start, make mistakes, learn from them, and you're on the way to where magic happens

On those days you have to tackle the less exciting parts of your work (you know, that item that's been on the to do list for over a month), or when you're feeling like you've run out of steam, working in 20 minute intervals can be a game changer.

Focus entirely on a specific task with no distractions or interruptions - for 20 minutes. Then follow it with a brief break where you let your brain recharge. Before you know it, that thing you've been dreading is off your to-do list and you can go back to changing the world with your small business!

Tip provided by Ruby Lee, founder of Creative 77 and Lolab.

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****Let us know what progress you have made throughout the month of September and what goals you are planning to set yourelf for Q4 of 2020. Engage with us on social using the #StepUpSeptember hashtag and we'll be sure to share!


Lorna Bladen
Lorna BladenHead of
Head of Marketing at Enterprise Nation. I specialise in community growth and engagement - email and content marketing - social media strategy - and building collaborative partnerships. What do I love doing? Connecting with start-ups and small businesses and shining a spotlight on them.

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