How StartUp UK helped this business owner overcome her self-doubt

How StartUp UK helped this business owner overcome her self-doubt

Posted: Wed 28th Feb 2024

StartUp UK is Enterprise Nation's scheme to provide free tailored support to budding entrepreneurs.

Backed by the UK government and Monzo Business, the programme delivers initiatives such as e-learning, online training, national events and flagship annual conferences throughout the UK.

As the scheme continues to run, we're talking to some of the businesses that have been taking part, to hear how it's benefited them so far. Here, we talk to Sophie Seddon of Sophie Seddon PR, a one-woman venture offering other businesses PR, communications and copywriting expertise.

How did you come up with your business idea?

I founded Sophie Seddon PR at a personal crossroads. The decision to start the business emerged organically, driven by the need to balance the challenges of shift work with family life.

The business found its roots during a chance encounter with another mum at a ballet studio. We had coffee at a supermarket café and Sophie Seddon PR was born out of that conversation. Over time, the business evolved into a thriving copywriting and public relations venture.

Word-of-mouth referrals became the cornerstone of my growth, as I made sure I was providing a high standard of customer service. As a dedicated solopreneur, my personalised approach means all my clients get one-to-one advice, which helps foster those enduring relationships.


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What challenges were you facing before you found StartUp UK?

As a former journalist and a former communications officer for West Yorkshire Police, I'd spent much of my career promoting other people. So I now had to grapple with the challenge of promoting myself. That's why publishing my website took a year!

It also meant overcoming some self-doubt. I knew I had the ability to manage the complexities of having my own business, I just needed to believe.

StartUp UK's free online Lunch and Learn webinars gave me both the tools and the confidence I needed to form and grow my own small business.

What made you decide to use StartUp UK's support to tackle those challenges?

I hoped StartUp UK would strengthen my business acumen, give me access to valuable resources and help me establish meaningful connections in the entrepreneurial community.

Specifically, I was looking to find some effective ways to grow and refine my business model, and explore some potential collaborations.

The networking opportunities and mentorship through the programme are crucial for expanding my knowledge and making my business successful over the long term. I want to propel my venture to new heights and contribute actively to the start-up ecosystem in the UK.



How has the StartUp UK programme benefited you and your business so far?

I've learned the importance of helping other businesses adopt a growth-orientated mindset and understand that promoting their business – even if it feels uncomfortable – is crucial to succeeding in a competitive market. That has become my mission.

What's the best advice you've received from StartUp UK?

The most impactful advice I've had is to embrace a growth mindset and be adaptable in the face of challenges. Through StartUp UK's mentorship and guidance, I've learned that I need to be continuously learning, and able to pivot strategies when necessary.

Finally, what would your advice be for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Don't listen to that niggling voice of self-doubt, and start sooner. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Embrace courage, take risks and recognise that learning is a crucial part of the process.


StartUp UK: Turn your good idea into a great business

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