How retail businesses can plan for the holiday season

How retail businesses can plan for the holiday season

Posted: Fri 12th Nov 2021

For small businesses, the holiday season is a yearly opportunity to not only drive sales, but build consumers’ brand awareness while they’re doing it.

Indeed, when making their financial forecasts, many businesses look towards this period as their golden chance to boost revenues and carry momentum into the next year.

Planning for the holidays

After the unique retail season that was 2020 – with 200% growth in online revenue year on year, due to the pandemic – businesses are now able to welcome customers back to their stores.

But with consumers’ buying habits having altered – and their expectations of the shopping experience having shifted – how should retailers go about planning for this?

Salesforce has created a retail planning guide to help businesses navigate what could be another one-off holiday season. The guide contains tips from industry leaders, strategies and insights based on expert data and research, and much more.

Read on to find out how the guide can assist you in your planning.

What the guide covers

Re-engaging digital shoppers

Learn how to use marketing to build loyalty and continue to grow your customer base. This includes:

  • listening to what your audience wants

  • dividing your audience into segments you can then target with more specific marketing

  • being selective about which marketing channels you use

Optimising your e-commerce website

At peak shopping season, it’s crucial your website is offering customers the best possible experience. Find out how to:

  • prepare your site for the surge in traffic

  • make sure your digital channels are performing to their best

  • offer more personalised experiences for shoppers

  • promote your green credentials and company values

Making your brand more visible

You want your customers to find you on the social media apps, websites and other digital channels they use. Learn ways to do this, including:

  • showing up consistently across every customer touchpoint

  • offering your products on the social platforms that make the most sense for your brand

  • prioritise shopping via mobile devices and apps

Digitising the in-store experience

Although customers will be back in store over the festive period, with the right digital tools, retailers can give them a memorable, personalised shopping experience.

The guide explains how to give shoppers options such as:

  • booking in-store appointments

  • contactless methods for making purchases and returning items

Preparing fulfilment channels

With a surge in online purchases, you must be ready to fulfil the orders you receive through your website. Prepare yourself by:

  • giving customers incentives for buying early

  • providing ways to ‘click and collect’ or pick up in store

  • using technology to manage stock levels and inventory

Where to find the guide

Read the guide on Salesforce’s website

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