Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 4 - Branding, finances and inspiring tweets

Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 4 - Branding, finances and inspiring tweets
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Posted: Fri 22nd Mar 2013

StartUp Saturday alumni Philip Crilly is sharing his progress with Enterprise Nation readers as he seeks to get his gluten-free food business launched in just 12 weeks. Here's week four, and Philip finds himself musing on his brand - and his finances.

Start-up business | Philip Crilly of eatibbles

So it's week four of the blog and I'm a third of the way towards launching Eatibbles! writes Philip (left). I can't believe how fast the time has gone but I have to say that if I hadn't launched this blog, I know that I wouldn't have achieved what I have so far. I would encourage anyone out there thinking of starting a business to make a plan for yourself and stick to it. In the past I talked about setting up a business but never got round to it but this time, with a clear plan to follow, I have come further than ever before.

In my next two blogs, I'll have a recap on what my plans have been so far and if I have achieved what I had intended to. I'll also give you an insight into how I see the final few weeks of my start-up journey so you can see if I'm on track. With your help and support I know I can achieve my business goals!

So what's new for Eatibbles this week?

Well, over the last few days I have been suffering from 'man-flu', that horrendous illness where a man is bedbound and unable to function or do anything at all. I'm not a great patient and made the most of being nursed back to health. I have to admit it wasn't all wasted time, though. I did use my time in bed as an opportunity to research websites and brands that I admire to see if I can use what they do best and incorporate it into my own brand.

Start-up business | eatibbles granola

"There are some incredible British brands out there that really know how to connect with their customers in a quirky and fun way."

There are some incredible British brands out there currently and some of the companies I currently really admire include Innocent, Moo, Ella's Kitchen, Gü and Moonpig among others. These brands really know how to connect with their customers and give them exactly what they want in a quirky and fun way. I really hope to be able to do this with Eatibbles. While at school, I would have never considered myself to be creative or artistic but launching Eatibbles seems to have tapped into a part of my brain that I didn't know was there. I'm now constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to make the brand stand out. I'll keep you up-to-date with this as it happens!

Sorting out the finances

The branding of the business is an aspect I really enjoy but I can't ignore one of the more serious sides of the business - the finances! Keeping track of the finances of a company is new to me and I'm learning what I need to record, both for legal reasons and also to ensure my business becomes profitable. As a limited company, I'm learning that I have certain legal obligations to the taxman and also to Companies House, so I'm working with a local accountancy firm and a large bank to ensure I keep on top of this.

And finally...

Inspiring tweet of the week comes from Paul Lindley of Ella's Kitchen.

"Keep at it @philipcrilly nice blog #enterprisenation @startupbritain Britain needs entrepreneurs with your mindset!"

Start-up Challenge | Tweet for Philip Crilly

Thanks for reading! Philip

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