Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 2: Socialising, competing and selling granola (nearly!)

Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 2: Socialising, competing and selling granola (nearly!)
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Posted: Fri 8th Mar 2013

Philip Crilly attended a StartUp Saturday to help him launch his gluten-free food business, Eatibbles. Using the StartUp Kit 2013 as a guide, he created a 12-step start-up process - and agreed to share his progress with Enterprise Nation readers.

Start-up business | Philip Crilly of eatibbles

After my first blog last week I was very lucky to receive some lovely comments and tweets from people I don't know encouraging and congratulating me on getting started on my business, writes Philip (left). This is hugely motivating and really helps to keep me focused on this process. I hope I can keep my blog interesting enough for you to want to keep on reading! So what have I been up to this week?

Embracing social media

At StartUpSaturday, Emma mentioned the importance of connecting with customers and potential customers through the use of a company website and the many different social networks that are available online. I am currently in the process of developing a website so that people who have heard about Eatibbles can find out more information about the company and our products but in the meantime I have joined some of the social networks. This week I joined Twitter (I had been a member for a while but never used it!) so you can now tweet me @philipcrilly. I also created a Facebook page, using the free Enterprise Nation ebook Boost Your Business with Facebook and you can 'like' the new Eatibbles Facebook page, too. I'm really looking forward to connecting with you all over these sites, so please do follow me, tweet me, add me and like me!

Awards and competitions

The StartUp Kit mentions a number of organisations that support young entrepreneurs when setting up their business. One such organisation mentioned was Shell LIVEWire. This company provides mentoring and financial support to entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30.

"It's really helped me to compile my business plan and will hopefully result in some much needed funding!"

Start-up business | eatibbles granola

Each month Shell Live Wire runs a competition called the Grand Ideas Awards where up to four companies can win £1,000 to get their idea off the ground. The process of applying requires you to fill in details about your business, where you see it going in the future and why you wanted to start a business in the first place. This has really helped me to compile my business plan and will hopefully result in some much needed funding!

Keen to sell

When it comes to selling my granola, I have always had the intention of initially selling it at a farmers market. Having done some research and contacted the London Farmers' Market, it may not be as simple as I had at first thought. I believed I could just arrive at a market, set up a stall and start selling, but there seems to be quite a strict protocol. My next challenge, therefore, will be to convince the London Farmers' Market that my product is not only one that will fit in with their values but also one that their customers will want to buy.  My research has taken me to many of the different London markets to see what makes a successful stall and what skills it takes to do well in this shopping environment. I'll keep you up-to-date with how I get on next week! Until then, thanks for reading and please remember to find me online - and please do leave your tips and comments below. It's much appreciated!

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