Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 11 - Don't panic!

Philip's 12-week start-up challenge: Week 11 - Don't panic!
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Posted: Fri 10th May 2013

StartUp Saturday alumni Philip Crilly is sharing his progress with Enterprise Nation readers as he seeks to get his gluten-free granola business Eatibbles launched in just 12 weeks. In week eleven, Philip is starting to feel the deadline pressure - but he's nearly there!

Start-up business | Philip Crilly of eatibbles

Agghhhh.... my 12 week deadline is getting closer and closer! writes Philips (left). In fact, it's only one week away! I have to seriously prioritise what I think I can manage in this last week and I'm still conscious that I really don't want to let all of you down.  Anyone who has read Emma's StartUp Kit will know that getting ready for launch is just the beginning. The challenges don't stop once you start trading.

Shell LiveWIRE... a second chance! Last week you may remember I recalled my disappointment at not winning the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas funding. Well, literally the next day I got a call from the competition team to let me know that I had been shortlisted for the May competition, too!! Two things sprung to mind: 1. My application must have been good. 2. Not too many people must enter this competition! Either way, I'm delighted to be shortlisted again. I had the option to re-shoot my video pitch but I have so much going on right now that I really don't have time to and I think my time is better spent getting Eatibbles properly up and running and proving that it can be a successful business venture.

Re-branding and deciding on final flavours

While I love the original branding of Eatibbles, I thought it would be good to have a bit of a make over in time for the launch. My aim is to launch with three flavours. These are: Sour cherry and mixed berry granola; macadamia and cranberry granola; and pecan and almond granola. I hope these flavour combinations appeal to as many people as possible and, of course, they are all gluten-free, therefore appealing to all the family even those with gluten intolerance. Next week I'll have the final batches and labels completed so will have some nice new pictures of the branding to show you.

The launch of Eatibbles

"I would suggest to anyone out there thinking of starting your own company: set yourself a deadline and stick to it!"

Starting a business | Philip Crilly of Eatibbles

Yesterday (Thursday 9th May) was my 29th birthday (Happy birthday Philip! Ed). When I was in my early 20's, I promised myself that I would start a business before I turned 30 and to be honest this has been a major motivating factor in the launch of Eatibbles. Without this initial aim I'm sure I would have continued as I was. I would suggest to anyone out there thinking of starting your own company: set yourself a deadline and stick to it! Making something time bound can be hugely motivating. Just the website to finish and then we'll be ready to start selling to the public I'm really excited about the first sale and then achieving different sales targets as we reach our goals. There are lots of exciting things still to come so please keep watching this space. Thanks for reading, Philip :)

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