Online masterclass: How to improve your mental clarity, focus and vitality

Vicky Warr
Vicky WarrFounderBump and Beyond by Vicky Warr

Posted: Tue 11th Feb 2020

When you are in great health, so is your business!

In this online masterclass, Vicky Warr from Bump & Beyond will cover:

  • Simple and easy to fit in exercises that help boost your mental clarity and increase your productivity and thus help you grow your business.

  • How to unlock tension points to improve your energy and decrease stress.

  • Learn which foods will help your brain, memory and focus and how to incorporate these into your daily diet.

Please note: U__nfortunately there was an error and the segments of video with the exercises were not recorded. You can still hear Vicky explain the moves but if you need further information, please feel free to connect with Vicky on the platform and she will be happy to help.

Vicky Warr
Vicky WarrFounderBump and Beyond by Vicky Warr
The Beez Kneez by Vicky Warr provides online exercise videos and healthy eating plans and recipes for mums to be and mums during all stages of motherhood, pregnancy, after their baby and beyond.

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