Mental health in the workplace – menopause

Mental health in the workplace – menopause
Elliot Francis
Elliot FrancisEdwin Coe LLP

Posted: Tue 24th May 2022

General awareness of what menopause entails is limited, with many people associating it principally with hot flushes.

However, there are numerous other symptoms (more than 30 physical and mental conditions that may be caused by menopause transition) including difficulty with sleeping, problems with memory or concentration, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

What are the figures?

A recent study by the Fawcett Society, believed to be the largest survey of menopausal women in the UK, paints a damning picture of work in the UK for menopausal women, with eight in 10 women reporting that their employer has not shared information, provided any training or put in place a menopause policy, with one in 10 women reporting they had left a job due to their symptoms.

Mapped on to the UK population, this survey represents an estimated 333,000 women leaving their jobs due to menopause.

With over a third of the working age population now being over 50, tackling the stigma associated with the menopause, helping people understand its impacts and implementing practical and supportive solutions is more important than ever.

Whilst there are lobby groups pushing for changes in the law to require employers to support women with menopause, the survey also sets out further recommendations which can be actioned much quicker and at minimal cost, including:

  1. introducing and implementing a menopause policy;

  2. providing training to all employees about menopause, especially managers and other senior staff;

  3. adapting absence policies;

  4. permitting flexible working;

  5. offering environmental changes (e.g. to toilets, heating/cooling, and hot desk policies);

  6. offering support networks for menopausal women;

  7. considering dress codes which support menopausal women; and

  8. creating an environment conducive to sharing information and learning about menopause.

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Elliot Francis
Elliot FrancisEdwin Coe LLP

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